cabaret: caroline o'connor's musical life

adelaide cabaret festival - caroline o'connor - a musical lifeJust like last year, our last trip to the 2010 Adelaide Cabaret Festival was a fantastic finale...

We saw the First Lady of Australian Musical Theatre, Caroline O'Connor and her show "A Musical Life".

And to sum up... the show ended in three encores and two standing ovations. She was simply sensational!

We had great seats too... down in the tables at the front.

She started the show with songs from Chicago, since she's been involved with it for over 15 years, and performed it in at least three countries.

And boy can Caroline sing!

But that's kind of a given... what I didn't know is that she had such great comic timing (which I suppose isn't that much of a surprise given her background in musical theatre)... her between song banter was great.

Some of the music I didn't necessarily know, most of it was show tunes... but essentially it was her life in music... or maybe, in musicals would be a better description.

She did a great couple of pieces from Moulin Rouge too... the intro song (Nature Boy) and El Tango de Roxanne, which was interesting with a female spin on it.

My favourite number was probably a toss up between "I Hate Musicals" from Ruthless and the mashup between Somewhere Over The Rainbow & Waltzing Matilda she did as one of the encores.

But everything she did was fantastic... she's highly skilled at accents and impressions (or else is just a natural mimic) and was wonderful when she channelled other divas like Judy Garland and Edith Piaf.

She very much deserved the two standing ovations we gave her.

Which brings our Adelaide Cabaret Festival adventure to an end for another year!

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