photo friday: dawn gum

dawn gumThere's something magical about photographing the colours of dawn (and conversely, sunset)... the colours only last a few minutes and then they're gone forever.

This shot was taken from my doorstep yesterday morning... I got up out of my chair to go hit the shower and realised that the sky was lit up pink and orange... and in the time it took me to find my camera they'd faded a little, and within a minute or so afterwards it had completely faded to grey.

In other random thoughts from today...

While half of the time I feel like I don't know what I'm doing, there are those moments when I open my mouth and all this "expertise" comes flooding out. I had a couple of those moments this week and whenever I realise I'm having one it amuses/surprises me.

We met Sugarmonkey Jr today... so tiny, so cute... but it's still weird to think of Sugarmonkey as being a dad.

I have tiny, weird little toe nails (that is, nails on my little toes), and yesterday I managed to tear about half of the nail off the left toe... which was fine, except for the case that I chose to wear the skate shoes that always pinch my feet... so it hadn't even gotten to 9am before I was limping around.... and it didn't improve all day. Ow!

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Tom said...

How funny, for the millions of years I've been reading your blog I always thought Sugarmonkey was a girl. Oops. Sorry, must pay more attention!

rogantyley said...

nice shot. well captured.


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