unconscious mutterings 227

Welcome to today's installment of Unconscious Mutterings... oh, and for the record, I've managed to avoid the "no walk guilt"... so far anyway...

  1. Acoustic :: Guitar

  2. Sanity :: Lacking in

  3. Mambo :: Number 5

  4. Session :: Make Out

  5. Hound :: Dog

  6. Cat :: Woman

  7. Coward :: Yella

  8. Trunk :: Call

  9. Hold me :: Touch Me (it's a Producers thing)

  10. Psychological :: Mumbo Jumbo

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Tom said...

The Producers is great. Have you seen the original film? Much better than the remake, but I did enjoy the Sydney stage show a year or so back!

2 in common this week. What's going on?!

yaniboy said...

I saw a little of the original film when it was on teevee a while back... but, to be honest, I love and adore the remake since it's the one I saw first and it just cracks me up every time.

I know, and last week three... but I think we only need to worry when it starts getting up over five in common :)

yaniboy said...

And, for the record, I just watched an hour of the original on teevee (funny how these things just reappear at appropriate times)... and I have to say, give me the remake every single time... the original was a nice start, but it's just not as good...


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