if i was

I lifted this one from Muzbot... I assumed it would be a doddle to fill out, but it actually ended up requiring more thinking than I originally anticipated...

If I was an animal I'd be:
A Grizzly bear... likes to hibernate in winter, and can be cranky if disturbed...

If I was on holiday I'd be:
In San Francisco

If I was in my dream job it would be:
Something creative, that pays really, really well and doesn't require too much work... plus I could wear jeans every day!

If I was dating someone famous it would be:
Neil Patrick Harris... actually probably not, but I'm not really having any full on media crushes right at the moment...

If I was a Superhero I'd be:
The Hulk... you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

If I was on a TV show it would be:
Heroes... at least in a perfect world, because then I could have cool superpowers!

If I was on a magazine cover it'd be:
Slightly Odd Monthly... or else, you know, something photography realted...

If I was a colour I'd be:
Scarlet... bright, usually better in small doses and doesn't always play well with other colours!

If I was able to time travel I'd go back:
To either Ancient Greece, or else 1920's New York...

If I was (add your own):
Your boy, oh the things I'd do to you... (apologies to Ms Jackson)

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Muzbot said...

I think the grizzly sounds like a good animal to be... except I hear the ones in The Rockies eat moths to help fatten up for winter. Doesn't sound like a fun diet.


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