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not me but cuteDa-da-da-daaaaaa... new hair!

I've been having that "hair too long... all bad" thing going on for about a week now, and today I made it all better.

Took two hours in the salon, but its done.

Nice and short, spikey and whatnot, same as always... and a new colour.

I kinda gave Tink, my hairdresser, some grief over the colour... a long long long time ago I had this straight colour put in and it looked really natural and I really liked it... but stuffed if I can remember exactly what it was. Tink ended up going down into their basement to go through the old "styling cards" to work out what it was, but she couldn't find it (the card, not the colour).

So we guessed... she ended up making it half 8W and half 11W (6% with a dash of 9%)... which will probably mean more to all you hairdressers out there than it does to me, but at least now I have a record of it. Its not a bad colour... if I'd had already bought my digital camera I would have taken a shot of it, but alas, no camera, so no hair colour pic.

Its kinda goldey-blonde... a tiny touch red, but my hair "throws red" in most colours. I'm thinking next time we just go for the full 8W, since that was the darker shade, but for the time being its pretty good.

Sitting there trying to work out what colour I wanted it was kind of entertaining, since it just brought back all these memories of previous haircolours, etc... especially since I've been going there since about 1995... on and off, but yeah, 10 years... scary...

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