it's my (42nd) birthday

happy 42nd birthday to me
It's my 42nd birthday today!

And, as always, I like to wish a happy birthday to the famous folk who share my birthday (as well as referencing previous birthday posts)... Ansel Elgort, Johan Paulik, Jamie Bell, Taylor Hanson, Michael Caine, Chris Klein, Albert Einstein, Corey Stoll and Daniel Gillies.

As for what I'm doing with today... the answer is nothing, a big fat glorious nothing. I've spent a month doing all of the everything with moving house and the Fringe, so now that that's over with (although I still have to finish up the Fringe round-up post and I haven't unpacked everything yet), and the fact that my birthday actually falls on the holiday Monday this year, I just don't want to do anything... I don't want to go anywhere or talk to anyone.

I might fire up the Playstation later, but I also might just watch some movies. And I have icecream in the freezer and Haighs chocolate in the fridge, what more could I want.

The point is, it's my birthday and I can do whatever I damn well like.

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Victor said...

You certainly can. Many happy returns, Yani.


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