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Last weekend seems like such a long time ago, even though it was a short work week... or it possibly would if I didn't still have shoe boxes from last week sitting by the bookshelves...

I don't have a lot to report for the week however... I somehow managed to either oversleep or just fail to get my ass into gear in time, so had to skip breakfast and pick something up in town twice. And in one of those cases still missed my regular bus.

Need to do better.

My standing desk is proving to be 50% blessing and 50% curse. Standing up all day is definitely better for my back, particularly since I tend to just sit on my ass in the evenings... however standing up essentially all day and then walking home for an hour, it does lead to some very sore feet. I try and move around as much as I can and I've tried different shoes with varying success... and the couple of times I've given up and just sat down it doesn't last long.

We'll see how we go.

I finally got around to watching the Mythbusters finale episode... and I'm not going to lie, I pretty much cried all the way through it. It's not just the end of an era, or the fact that it's been on for thirteen years, or the fact that I've seen just about every episode (and some a number of times) but it's also the fact that it used to be a quasi date night (without the actual, you know, dating) for J and I... he'd come over, I'd make something for dinner, we'd watch Mythbusters and then talk a bunch of shit. So I was sad to see it go, but I'm interested to see what Adam is going to do now... Jamie, I think, will mostly retreat back to special effects, but Adam... Adam could do anything.

Yesterday, being a public holiday, was something of a day well spent... I mostly pottered around the apartment, made a great smoothie in the morning using what I'd normally have for breakfast (Weetbix), but turned into a smoothie... then finally dealt with some of the stuff that's just been sitting in wrong places around the apartment... books, all the crap down the side of the bed that needed to go somewhere... so that I had room for all my Lego minifigs in their cases under the window. It's a perfect location as far as amount of space, but they just feel very far away. I know I didn't spend a lot of time looking at them since they were behind my chair at the old place, and if I wanted to look at them, they were right there. Plus I tended to look at them all the time without really seeing them if you know what I mean... they were background but I could notice them if I wanted to.

Now they just seem a little too far away. And the third row sits under the level of the curtain... so that's a pain.

On the up side, at least they're out of the box, and a bunch of stuff that should have found a home is no longer just sitting out on display.

Later in the afternoon I put together what I think is probably one of the best tuna mornays I've made in a good long while. I mostly stuck to my regular recipe, but this time I actually put all the spices in while it was still at the flour and butter stage. Not sure if that made any kind of difference, but it possibly meant that I cooked the flour out a little longer. It was also pretty thick at a couple of stages, which is always good.

I ended up filling up the one big casserole dish I now own... but I filled it right up to the very, very, very top, which is always dangerous. I also topped it off with grated cheese and crushed up corn chips, which actually worked really, really well, even though the chips themselves didn't have a lot of flavour to them.

And I ended up with enough to have for lunch all this week, on top of being have to have two helpings at dinner.

However it did mean that for the first time since I moved in I had to tackle the massive unwieldy beast that is my new oven. And you know what... it's still a complete mystery. I'm not completely sure if it's gas or electric, I do know that it's too fucking big for it's own good, and even after I switched it all off, there was still some sort of fan running inside for a good ten minutes or so.

I'm baffled, and frankly, still a little afraid of it. But at least I know it works.

Today got off to a later start than I'd intended, mostly because I switched off all my alarms on Friday and forgot to put the Saturday one back on.

But I was still ready to go by the time Ma arrived...

Shopping was both a little easier and somewhat less focused because I didn't have to buy any supplies for lunches. I'm thinking it could be time to return to a soup-based lunch... or at least try some other easy to make bulk lunch ideas until it's properly time to start up soup season again.

But otherwise shopping was fine. We came back here, did the usual unpacking, and I also cleared out my freezer, which didn't need much of a clear to be honest, more of a reorganising and to finally get around to taking the frozen cookie dough out that's been lurking in the back for several months. I may just make a whole bunch of cookies and take them in to work... saves me from eating all of them myself. Depends on how good a cookie they are I suppose.

We debated going to see the Kite Festival as we've done on previous Easters, but, you know what, see one lot of kites, seen them all (but the kite photos at the top of the post from the year before last are an homage)... so instead we decided to head to the movies.

It's been quite a while since we've done the movie thing... true we had the Fringe, and I did sneak in a trip to see Daredevil, but the last time we saw something together was the end of December. So, yeah, quite a while.

We had a wander around Arndale first since Ma wanted to pick up a few things, and we haven't really been to Arndale in a while either.

After the movie (more on that shortly) we ended up coming up to North Adelaide to grab some late lunch from the 24 hour bakery. Again, something I haven't done in a while... the last time being the Sunday of the move.

A little weird, nostalgic and homesick, but yeah, I can't avoid a whole suburb. A street, yes, a suburb not so much.

Oh, and just to keep a general record of things... when I got my regular update from this week, what should show up as a new rental property... yeah, you guessed it, my old place. I don't know if it sold and whoever bought it flipped it straight over to a rental property, or if it just didn't sell and the owners were forced back into a rental situation. I kind of hope that it's the former rather than the latter to be honest. My wish was always that it sold quickly, but for less than they wanted, rather than it not selling (although I suspect that's probably the case).

I will say that they're asking an extra $25 a week rent from what I was previously paying, which comes out to $1300 a year... which is a little steep for nothing more than a new paint job.

It'll be interesting to see how long it stays in the list though... I mean the paint job and the fake furniture look nice, but it was previously on the books for quite some time (from what I remember) when I eventually found it, and that was $25 cheaper.

One last thing, I think I mentioned around the time of my birthday that when I was 21 I wrote a letter to myself to only be opened when I turned 42. And given that that was this birthday, I had Ma dig the letter out of storage and she brought it down this week. I still remember some of what it says, but depending on how cringe worthy or how interesting or how on the money I may have been half my life ago, I may turn it into a post of it's own. I do think I'm just going to roll my eyes at my 21 year old self and realise that I totally remembered all the salient details already.

We'll see.

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