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On the reasonably short list of things I will be glad of when the Fringe is over is making a concerted effort to get to bed before midnight most days. This pretty much informs what the rest of my week was like... varying degrees of self inflicted sleep deprivation. Especially on Thursday/Friday when I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 5am...

Last Sunday I mostly pottered around the house in the morning, putting things in the places they're supposed to be, including putting up the first set of Command hooks so that I could hang the Burger Theory artwork over the dining table. First artwork I've hung that doesn't rely on existing hooks. This also included getting rid of all the excess crap on the dining table.

I still haven't completely unpacked all the tchotchkes, and the PS4 is still sitting in its box in front of the TV unit, looking wistfully at the spot it should be in. Yes, little Playstation... soon, I promise. But there does feel like there's a little bit of momentum.

Oh, and I don't think I mentioned... I got an email saying they were coming to do a rental inspection next Wednesday. No I got this on the first of March, so I kind of think I should check my rental agreement information about how much notice they're actually supposed to give me... I'm guessing it should be more than ten days. I say should as in, fuck you, give me at least two weeks.

This also means that I need to spend a portion of tomorrow doing some degree of cleaning. I'm not going to lose my mind doing a ton of cleaning, I mean I only moved in a month ago... oh, and yeah, I've been here a month now. Annoyingly the inspection is on a Wednesday, Tuesdays were bad enough at the old place, but Wednesday means that I have to keep everything tidy for two and a bit days, I mean anything could happen in two and a bit days.

I'm not going to stress about all the stuff that's not in it's permanent home though... fuck it, if they want to inspect for the first time inside a month they can deal with the generalised insanity of my life.

Speaking of generalised insanity... work is actually not too bad at present, however I know that's because the other half of the Nut House is finalising a major part of their project and once they do, the work will naturally flow over to me and my team. So yay for that. Without an actual yay.

And is it wrong that I'm actually kind of happy that Newbie's work bestie, who she knows from way back in the day, is leaving soon for a job somewhere else, so a) I won't need to hear their mostly mind-numbing conversations, but b) Newbie might actually concentrate on work a little more.

We did all lose our minds a little bit at the end of the week though and there were many a conversation about movies and comic books and whatnot... and then Friday it wasn't helped by the fact that there were more people away than there were at work.

Otherwise it was three nights at home and two nights with Fringe shows... not that I did anything overly productive on the nights at home.

Today I was still a little lagged from the lack of sleep earlier in the week, but when I finally rolled out of bed I managed to change my bedding and have a shower before Ma arrived... I had intended to also attack the pile of dishes in my sink, but never got time. I also tried to suck some of the cooler air outside into the apartment before the day got too stupidly hot with varying degrees of success.

We may also have found our replacement check out girlie at the new supermarket... she's not as sweet and bubbly as the previous one but she does use her brain while packing, which is one up on the previous three.

From there it was all about the shopping... while I didn't have any specific items in mind, I wanted to look in Target, Big W and Kmart, since they're not all that far away on Unley Road, Goodwood Road and Anzac Highway, and while we've been to all of them in the past, they're now officially my closest branches.

But first I had to stop at the post office and pick up my Crumpler bag which got delivered on Thursday. I was very relieved to hear that they're actually open on Saturday mornings, which should make my life a whole lot easier.

Then it was off to Target, mostly to look at clothes and shoes... and I came away with two pairs of shorts and two pairs of thongs to replace the two pairs I have that regularly try to eat my feet, all for under $60. It is kind of a tiny Target store though... so small in fact that the fitting rooms are unisex. Not the individual rooms, obviously, but you know what I mean. But if I need giant Target, we can go into the city, for more generalised stuff, this will do.

Next up Big W, where I had even less of an idea what I wanted to look at, and ended up wandering around the menswear section while Ma was looking for clothes for herself. I didn't really see anything (other than lovely soft fleece pyjama bottoms that probably wouldn't have fit me and accidentally following a dude with a great butt... we were going in the same direction, leave me alone) there, but wandered over to the DVD section and found Teen Wolf Season 4 for 30% off... but then I couldn't remember where I was actually up to with the DVDs, so I didn't buy it. I will probably go back tomorrow and grab it though, since it turns out I don't have it already.

What I did buy was the new book by "young adult" author Will Kostakis... mostly because he appeared in the news this week after a speaking engagement at a (Christian) school was cancelled after he came out as gay. I mean, part of me just thought "well, dur... of course they're going to cancel" but it was more that he had already spoken at that school previously and they were happy to have him come back and do the same speech about his previous book, just not to talk about the new book.

So I decided that going and buying the books (and I'll admit, I did read an extract of one of them and it sounds interesting) was a nice way to kick intolerance in the balls, especially since if they hadn't made a thing about it I would never have even heard of the author let alone his books.

For the record, I picked up Sidekicks and (later in the day) The First Third.

I also grabbed a few bits and pieces for the apartment, nothing major though.

Last up was Kmart, and by this point we only had limited time to have a wander before an afternoon Fringe show. But I grabbed a couple of things, most notably a dish rack which I don't completely love, but which works better in the space I have than the pointless board I bought from IKEA.

On the way back we stopped off at Haighs briefly, because chocolate.

Then it was a case of dropping everything off and heading into the city.


For the second week running we managed to get a park outside of the hidden multistory for nothing instead of having to park inside and then headed to the Garden.

After the show we wandered down to Burger Theory and had the very, very tasty Hallouminiti burger...

We then ran two quick errands, one pointless, one not, before we staggered back to the car in the heat and drove back to my place to soak up all the lovely aircon.

I managed to wash all the dishes while we were just hanging around waiting for it to be time to head back into town.

Then we both got changed and headed off to find some food.

Even later still

I miss the old days, and by the old days I mean a month ago when I could just walk down the road from my house and have all the possible food choices laid out for me, and not have them full of people, because this is North Adelaide.

Sadly this is no longer North Adelaide, so we headed into the city to try and find somewhere to eat... but time and the fact that it's both Fringe and Clipsal this weekend conspired to mean that literally everybody in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs was on Rundle Street eating all the things.

So we ended up going to the French crepe place on Grenfell Street instead. Now they were tasty and very prettily presented, but when you're charging $16 for one single, solitary crepe, I think that officially comes under the auspices of "having a lend". We will definitely not be going back there again.

Then we headed across the road to Tandanya for the show and I resisted the urge to stab the fedora wearing crazy manchild who was literally pacing side to side muttering to himself while in the queue. Dude, I don't know what your problem is, but stand the fuck still!

Anyway, that was pretty much it really, another excessively long Saturday (only one left this Fringe).

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