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Well, this has been a very different week... it started out with not just my birthday, but my birthday lining up (as it is want to do on various occasions) with the Adelaide Cup Day public holiday.

And I did a grand total of nothing on the holiday. Glorious nothing. Well, not exactly, but I didn't have to go anywhere, and I didn't talk to anyone all day, so as far as that goes, it was pretty much a perfect birthday.

I did finally get around to plugging in the PS4 on Sunday though and booted up Assassin's Creed Unity (the French one)... oh the joys of running and jumping and climbing up tall buildings once again. The last one (Rogue) was such a rehash of the previous couple of games that was a major disappointment, and one that I couldn't be bothered finishing. So it was nice to be back in what felt like a "real" AC game again.

It has consumed most of my evenings though... so much for getting to bed early once Fringe was over and done with.

Otherwise it's been a pretty quiet week.

I bought entirely too many donuts (and picked up my free birthday Boost juice) on the way into work on Tuesday and then we had an unofficial morning tea later that morning.

I also spent the first two days of the week working through the remainder of the document I started last Friday. Then I sent it off to the person responsible, La Ninj and our collective boss on Wednesday afternoon. And I've heard nothing since. Not really surprising since there were 900 tracked comments in the file once I was finished, it's kind of daunting, but even a cursory email back would have been nice.

Provided all the issues don't get ignored, I can live with a little lack of communication.

I also finally got my Varidesk standing desk for my work desk on Thursday afternoon... which meant that after I set it up I spent the whole of Friday standing at my desk. And explaining to people exactly how it worked and was adjustable.

It's going to be good I think, except there's that issue of standing up the whole day which may lose it's appeal sooner rather than later.

Today was fairly quiet... Ma was having her hair did this morning, so I was on my own for the first time at the new supermarket. I did my usual solo trick of slapping on my headphones as I wandered around, so it wasn't too arduous. Then I came back, unpacked and tidied up, washed some dishes, that kind of thing.

Ma still hadn't arrived so I settled in to play Assassin's Creed for a while (yeah, I know, addicted) until she rocked up.

All I really needed to do today was going and look at sneakers... I kind of killed my black sneakers by wearing a hole through the side of them, they technically wearable, but there's a hole... but the ugly multicoloured ones I wear to work/walk home in are now literally falling apart, when I took them off at work on Thursday, the sole has basically unglued itself.

So there was another trip to Paul's, the land of buy one, get one free sneakers.

new sneakers
Of course as I've previously said, the downside to Paul's is it's organised by crazy people, they often have shoes on display that they don't actually have, and given that I need to buy the 2E wider sneakers, I'm confined to a much narrower (no pun intended) selection.

There were some great gold, white and purple sneakers which I would have bought in a heartbeat, but yeah, not in my size.

And some idiot at the warehouse had decided that sticking bar code stickers over the place where the large size and width text was a good idea. It wasn't. It made the whole exercise so much harder because I had to get right up close to read the itty bitty replacement text on the stickers.

In the end I came away with four pairs (I got two pairs of the plain black ones in the middle) which came to $350, but I also saved $310, and the shoes ended up costing me about $87 each, which is pretty damn good. I do now need to get rid of the old ones though, and take a look at anything that I don't need anymore.

On the way back we stopped off at Haighs for Easter supplies, since that's at the end of this week...

Then we called off at the Village so Ma could pick up some stuff, and that was pretty much it for the day really.

It wasn't the most exciting day, but it was good, if only because it was relatively short after all the Fringe stuff.

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