fringe: down down lucifer

adelaide fringe - down down lucifer
Down Down Lucifer is written and performed by Philippe Klaus and directed by John Brennan and is essentially a monologue by the devil, railing against his shared history with God.

Klaus is a skilled actor and commands the mostly bare stage well.

But I just think that I was expecting something different. I shouldn't have been, looking back at the description of the show it seems pretty accurate, I just expected something a little more fantastical and a little less religious.

I know, I know, it sounds stupid... and it's not that Klaus didn't give a good performance, it's just that I didn't connect to the material.

And there were a number of small choices that seemed odd to me... I'm guessing Lucifer's shirt started off the season as white, but thanks to some fake blood used at a certain point had ended up as pink by the final show. Also the choice for him to take off his shoes and put on high heels to drive home a particular point was a good one... but then leaving the heels on for the rest of the play was just distracting.

Just to back-seat direct for a minute, having him barefoot at the start and then slipping the heels off when that section was done would have worked better I think.

And the "New York Jewish" voice used for Jesus just felt a little too stereotypical... Klaus switched between the two voices well, it just felt... I don't know, lazy I guess.

There were some interesting moments, it just wasn't as much in my wheelhouse as I would have liked.

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