struggletown saturday shopping

kitty shopper
I didn't wake up with a hangover (I almost never do to be honest), but today has definitely been a little bit of a struggle...

It also took my brain a couple of seconds to remember that it was actually the weekend and I didn't need to jump out of bed and start doing things as soon as I woke up.

Once I did get up it was clear that my voice had done the thing it usually does when I've been yelling or whatnot for prolonged periods, and I was vaguely reminiscent of Tuvan throat singers.

I still managed to get ready and went downstairs just as Ma arrived (clearly it's my new superpower), then we headed off to the supermarket.

All the supermarketry was pretty much the same as usual, although as I mentioned, just dragging myself around the supermarket was a little bit like hard work.

After we were done we took a wander around Target (still no Lego Series 12 minifigs... c'mon already), then headed back here.

I had a couple of errands I wanted to run in the city, plus the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer exhibition started yesterday at the Museum, so we headed off to see that.

anzang 2014
A little like the Waterhouse Art Prize, the quality of the ANZANG varies from year to year depending on the entries.

This year wasn't bad overall, although there weren't that may pieces that I really, really liked.

I did kind of fall in love with the monochrome shots of the Red-bellied black snake... it had great texture and contrast, and there was just something about it that captured my attention.

Once we'd had our fill of photographs we wandered down the Mall, ran a couple of errands, I got completely ignored by the woman working at the Kiehl's counter in Myer... granted she was with another customer, but she seemed to be blatantly ignoring me. So that's the last time I'll shop there for Kiehl's products. Instead we went to David Jones where I got served right away and I got a $15 voucher off my next purchase.

We also had a poke around the Christmas department in DJ's, and I found a cute little fox (or a cat or something like Anubis... it's stylised but very pretty) ornament/statue for $5, and I couldn't resist. It's not in any way an actual suitable Christmas decoration, but it is a pretty little thing.

Then we stopped off at Boost... which took FOR-EV-AH because it seemed like every man, woman and child in existence had the same idea at the same time.

And that was pretty much it for the day...

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