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bleeker street
Today was much more of an errand related Saturday...

It's also clear that my Very Lame Superpower is knowing when Ma has pulled up downstairs... yes, she often sits in the car and sorts out her phone before she comes up and I know roughly when she's due to arrive... but it's disturbingly accurate how often I get down there to find her already waiting.

I tried to shop this week with the clear idea of what I may make for both lunches and dinners... last week I was clearly crap at it and ran out of interesting dinner options by about Wednesday.

Hopefully this week goes a little better.

We did the usual loop around Target... I found a few things for Ma to try on, clothes-wise... I was a little miffed that they STILL don't have the Series 12 minifigs... and after some random wanderings across the road and a quick revisit to the supermarket when I realised I'd forgotten things, we headed back here.

There are some weeks where, between us, we get a lot of groceries and spend a lot of money... then there are the weeks where we only seem to do one or the other. I think this week was the lots of groceries/not excessive amounts of cash type week... or at least it seemed to be.

We faffed about a bit here... I discovered that one of my all-time favourite former SYTYCD dancers, Billy Bell, could be coming to perform at the Festival next year... although we've been excited about the same thing before and it doesn't always work out as expected.

Even though I hadn't actually decided what I wanted to do, framing wise, with the two pieces I bought from John McConnell, but we headed off to the framing store.

And when we got there we found it had moved. Thankfully it hadn't moved far... just down the road and around the corner, and to be honest it's a nicer looking shop than the old one.

What I always love is picking out framing... actually more so matts, because generally the framing is either plain black or plain white... and even more than that I love when the person in the framing store goes "oh I don't think X colour will work", and then I try X colour anyway, and it works.

In this particular instance, it was a ruby red matt, which worked because John used red pen for both of the pieces, even though one is all pen and the other is pen and watercolour.

From there, we headed over to Bunnings, since it wasn't that far away, and I grabbed some more 3M hooks to put more things on my "gallery wall".... I also discovered that they have remote controlled colour changing lightbulbs... and now I need to find a bedside lamp that I can put one of these in! They change colour and have a dimmer and a remote control and everything so you can choose a colour. I mean, seriously, c'mon.

I resisted the urge to buy one though... I need an appropriate lamp first.

Then we went and wandered around The Good Guys for a bit so Ma could look (again) at cordless phones. In essence it's a little pointless because there are currently only four different styles of cordless phone on the market. And all the other styles out there are variations of the least interesting of those. So essentially it should be an easy decision for her. But no.

Ah well, we'll get there.

And that was pretty much it... we headed back here, stopped off briefly at Stepney Salvage, not because we wanted any salvage, but because we got past it a couple of times a month and always say "we should take a look in there".

Thankfully now we have looked and we never need to say that ever again. It's a scary ass store, although they do have a lot of very pretty art deco style handles, knobs and switches. But they also have some incredibly scary giant statues of things you would never need giant statues of.

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