clean new template

it's fresh, it's clean, it's my new template
This template has been a long time coming... at least in terms of the idea. I've been wanting something really clean and clear for a while now, but nothing I could find really rang my bell.

And after a couple of weeks of hardcore looking at seemingly every possible blog template out there, and even trying a bunch of them on a dummy test blog, I started wondering if I couldn't build something myself.

It was during that search that I stumbled first on a post on XOMISSE that had pretty much the exact kind of date format code I wanted. So I started playing around with that, and kept looking for more bits of code which lead me to Helplogger... and that was pretty much the Nirvana of all kinds of interesting bits of code that I could use to really personalise the simplest of all the Blogger default templates.

I'm pretty damn pleased with myself (and the helpful people who put the code I used online in the first place)... and I also decided that the header image is probably going to stick around for a while, it really just fits the new design.

So farewell to the old template, which has performed an admirable service for almost the last five years... and hello to my new template!

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