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This week has been a big giant bastard rollercoaster of a week...

Monday I stopped off at Myer before my chiro appointment and discovered that the Lego Series 12 minifigs were finally in stock! Yaaay... I only managed to grab a few before I had to head off, then I went back on Tuesday and stood in the toy department for a good 45 minutes feeling up pretty much all of the little foil packets in four boxes of figs... I got 90% of them from the first two boxes, but the last one was the third to last pack in the last box.

But yay, I have all of Series 12 now, plus an extra Gamer to join Army of The Spares on my desk at work, and an extra Pig Suit Guy for Ma because she was born in the Year of the Pig.

I also finished AC: Revelations on Monday night... and I'm not going to lie, I got a little misty eyed at the conclusion of the Ezio storyline... I was thankful they didn't go for a jump-scare/On Her Majesty's Secret Service style finale, but I was on edge during a good chunk of the ending just in case they went there. I've been giving AC a little rest this week before I start AC III as it's a whole different protagonist and time period and location, so I didn't want to dive straight in. I am getting a little bit twitchy to start again though, so definitely at some point this weekend.

I was also talking with Herschel at work this week who is also a massive AC fan and while she's sold on the idea of getting a PS4 and the newest game when it comes out (Paris! French Revolution!), I can't quite justify it to myself yet. Maybe if they did a bundle with the game and a PS4, but while X-bones are doing that, PS aren't... which is just plain weird. We shall see...

Wednesday Ma and I headed off to Palace Nova to watch Stephen Fry "live" from the Royal Festival Hall in London (the actual event was on 1 October) reading from his new autobiography and being generally his fabulous Fry self. As with the Unseen Theatre Company play we went to see last month, Ma didn't know what we were seeing, but this time it was literally right up until it started and flashed the title on the screen before she knew.

"Hiding" the two events from her has been interesting... she didn't mind in either case, but I wonder whether it would have been more exciting for her had she known this second one beforehand... she half guessed the first one, but this one, not a clue.

Yesterday I went arse over teakettle, as they say... I was on my morning walk, cutting across an area of mulch/bark/tree bits as I do every morning, and my ankle went out from under me (and has been a little twitchy for the remainder of the week).

Fall down, go boom.

I swear I'm getting worse at this, the scab from the last time I fell down isn't even healed yet... and because I fell onto a rough surface with lots of sharp or jagged things and whatnot, I managed to scrape the living hell out of my upper shin... which is now sore and covered in scabs and a really attractive yellow layer of Betadine.


Speaking of sexy, I've found a brand new favourite underwear brand this week... Andrew Christian... and by new I mean that I've already worn some of their stuff, but I got a delivery of some more in different styles on Monday and have been wearing them all week and loving them to death. So I think for the first time in a number of years that my annual Christmas underwear is going to be something other than Aussiebum this year.

And on the topic of things that aren't new but that I've gotten a new appreciation for during this week... the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. I've been listening to it on and off (more off than on to be honest) for the last year or so and while there have been a couple of standout episodes (the Episodes 19A and 19B two-parter, The Sandstorm springs to mind) I hadn't really been solidly grabbed by the show until this week from Episode 32 through to the Old Oak Doors two-parter, Episode 49... I laughed, I got misty-eyed, I internally fist-pumped (which sounds oddly painful when I say it that way).

It is an odd show/podcast, but it's definitely worth a listen, especially if you like things of the weirder persuasion and just listening to wonderful, rich words read by both a fantastic voice actor but also a fantastic voice.

Work is good... busy as hell, at least for 95% of this week... partly because it's busy but partly because after I noticed that one of my team mates kept screwing assignments up, I was reticent to give him more assignments... so I ended up doing more of it myself than I would otherwise have done. At least until I got to the point where I just couldn't manage it all and there was an increasing backlog. Plus I keep getting other little assignments heaped on my plate on top of everything else... some are fine, some are just annoying.

Oh and the weather can go fuck itself this week... it looks like we're shaping up to have the hottest October in a century... no, no thank you.

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