photo friday: one of these things

piratespace marine

One of these things is not like the other.

It feels like it's been a weird week... I'm not sure that it actually has but it has been occasionally very busy and occasionally incredibly frustrating.

And there was also the point midway through the week where I spent so long copying and pasting text into HTML tables that my brain ended up facing the other way. Plus today has been a little bit like dealing with the world through cotton wool, probably mostly caused by staying up too late and getting up too early.

Although there have been more than a few good moments during the week... like getting my tax return back with the bumper sum of nearly $4000. Which sounds great... and, don't get me wrong, is great... but required me to have no actual income for seven months out of the previous twelve, so it's pretty much a swings and roundabouts kind of thing. In the grand scheme of things I'd much rather have had the regular income.

But as with all tax returns, now I need to decide what I'm buying with the portion of it allotted for frivolous spending. Because there always has to be a portion of frivolous spending. I'm somewhat torn between an iPad mini (although I don't really know what the hell I would use one for, but they're pretty)... or a new tattoo. But since I'm torn, I'm more than happy to just let it sit in my account and fatten up my balance.

In other good things that happened during this week, it was also very nice to finally see Banger's smiling face back at work after several months away... I missed the big eager puppy dog! Although for the record, not actually a puppy... he just reminds me of one.

And the Lego Minifigures Series 12 have started showing up in the US and the UK, so I swung past a couple of spots after work today, and while Myer didn't have them yet, Toyworld did (but I generally don't like shopping there), so they're definitely out there. Hopefully Target will have them tomorrow.

Given that my head is mostly full of fluff, I'm going to take myself off to bed and hope it improves.

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