photo friday: trick or treat

This week has been... problematic.

Remember how last Saturday I said that my elbow was sore when I tried to bend/extend it... well, by Sunday that had developed to a full on case of being unable to extend it or contract it. All the mid range motion was still there, it didn't hurt, I just couldn't physically straighten it or close it up.

I struggled through Monday like that and then on Tuesday I took the morning off work and went into the Emergency Room.

They prodded and poked me (in the waiting room), sent me for an x-ray, left me sitting in the waiting room for a while and then sent me on my merry way, poorer by a couple of hours but with not much else to show for it. Seemingly it'll sort itself out, and while the bone was "very slightly cracked", they don't do anything for those types of injuries, and the best thing for it was a normal range of motion.

Which is great, but has made the whole week annoying, especially every time I reach to answer the phone at work, it's like my arm is just shorter and almost feels like it belongs to somebody else or is a fake arm or something. It's very, very weird.

I have a chiro appointment on Monday, so I'll talk to her about it, she may be able to shed some light on why the hell it's actually happening, which the ER nurse didn't actually do. I mean I kind of get that I "shocked" the arm when I fell on it, but I've done that a billion times with no real drama, why was this different and why don't I have a full range of motion in the elbow. Especially since it doesn't feel or look swollen.

Bodies are weird and fucked up, and clearly I'm too old for this shit.

Work has likewise remained insane... somewhat more so this week due to a) everybody wanting things done urgently but also wanting large amounts of things done and not providing clear directions about what needed to be done. Or just annoying instructions... whatever it was, there was clearly something in the water this week and nothing was as simple as it should have been.

Fortunately the fact that H-San wasn't in this week wasn't a major cause for drama like it's been in the past, however I did field some of the social media calls he usually gets... and, yeah, I don't like those, they're less fun.

Especially when two people from the same place call you one after the other and are essentially have a pissing contest with you in the middle because this one didn't ask that one's permission before making a Facebook account, more because that one feels that it's his bag rather than him having any real power.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense, it didn't to me either and I had to field the phonecalls.

And although I like things that are weird and creepy and I'm spending tonight watching Hocus Pocus as I've done at the end of October for the last few years, plus the photos that accompany this post, let me state one thing categorically.

Halloween can go fuck right the hell off.

Actually, Halloween itself is fine, it's a perfectly legitimate thing, for Americans. Or really anyone in the Northern Hemisphere really... but people who get excited and dress up and decorate for Halloween here in Australia should be lined up against the wall and, well not shot per say, but definitely made to bob for apples until exhaustion sets in.

Sadly I work with a number of those people.

And I was already fairly grumpy this morning... partly from having a giant pile of work I needed to do but also from having to deal with the Halloweenies and the fact we were having a "Halloween lunch", so there was far too much decorating and "horrific" food and costumes of questionable quality.

So yeah, I may have been a touch... prickly for the majority of the morning. At least until I'd eaten far too much food... maybe I just had low blood sugar all morning. Yeah, probably not, I was just a grumpy son of a bitch really.

I also felt slightly better wearing devil horns all afternoon, and also because half of The Nut House left early or were otherwise out of the office and I didn't have a hundred million things to do.

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