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Today has been interesting punctuated by elements of extreme frustration.

Not my favourite of emotions...

Ma was getting her hair did this morning so I was flying solo at the supermarket. Thankfully unlike last time my car actually started this time, and I wandered around the shops listening to podcasts and filling my trolley with all manner of goodies.

Including some Salted Caramel sauce from Coles and swinging past the bottle shop to grab some Strongbow cider on a whim.

Sadly Target was very much lacking in the Lego minifig oeuvre (although they did have Halloween inspired romper suits for little kids, which I only saw because I was taking a shortcut through the middle of the store... and I couldn't resist, so I grabbed one to give to Tink for the baby.

When I'd done all my bits and pieces I headed home, unpacked everything nice and neatly and had finished reading the paper by the time Ma showed up with her new hairdid.

I wanted to head back to Paul's Warehouse to get some new sneakers... the ones I bought back in March have served me well these last seven months, and they're still fully functional... but they're on their way out, plus I wanted a choice other than bright red for general use.

That's where an element of the frustration crept in... I should have know it would given how annoying I found the store generally the first time around... but I thought I'd worked it all out and it would be fine.

And it would have been if they'd actually had more than one pair of any of the shoes I actually wanted. Bright neon green pair... one in a size 7... wonderfully purple pair... one in a size 13.

They had oodles and oodles and oodles of the really fucking ugly shoes with the clashing colours, but nothing at all when it came to the ones I liked.

mr10yb2, mx677sb2 and mr340sv2
I did end up finding three pairs though... but when I got home I realised that they were actually half a size smaller than the ones I bought last time... and one of them (which I knew when I bought then) were the regular width rather than the 2E of the other two pairs.

But one pair is violently acid green/yellow... and the other two will be interchangeably good for either my morning walk or wearing to and from work.

Plus they cost half of what they should have done, so that's a bonus.

From there we headed down to Arndale to check out the Lego situation at Big W (sadly, nothing doing)... but on the way down I tried to check the Event Cinema app on my phone to see when The Boxtrolls was on... but my phone wouldn't find the network.

I tried switching it off and on again, I tried switching it to Flight mode and back again to make it look for a network, and nothing... it just kept coming up with SOS Only. And I got so frustrated with it all I really wanted to do was fling it out of the car window.

So instead I gave Ma's dashboard a couple of hefty whacks (we were parked at Arndale by this point), only to realise later that she has passenger side air-bags and I could have lost a hand if I'd hit it any harder than I did.

Then once we were in Arndale the stupid thing just found the network on it's own. Fucking poxy technology. And I wouldn't have minded so much had it not been for the fact that it did the exact same thing to me earlier this week at work.

And it's not like I've upgraded it to one of the versions of iOS that makes everything fall apart.

Anyway, we wandered around Big W, looked at the Christmas decorations, then did our usual wander around from one end of the mall to the other, stopped to grab some lunch and a Boost Juice while waiting until it was time to head off to see The Boxtrolls at the movies.

We actually ended up walking from one end of the mall to the other more times than we needed to... we dropped Ma's purchases off in the car, headed back to the other end, then decided we should go and move the car, so headed all the way back again. At least we got our exercise in.

Once the movie was over we headed back to my place and then Ma went on her merry way.

So, yeah, moments of complete homicidal frustration, but other than that, not a bad day.

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