random garage sale style shopping saturday

when is a garage sale not a garage sale
Firstly, if I may be allowed a moment of complaining... ow, ow, ow, ow, bugger, damn, fuck, fuck, fuckkitty fuck!

When I fell earlier in the week I must have banged my elbow or jolted my arm, because it's sore when I bend it and when I try to extend it all the way, which makes life a little difficult.

Hopefully it's just a temporary thing and once my joint gets over being jarred it'll return to normal.

Or essentially it's like I'm slowly falling apart one body part at a time...


Other than having to work around my temporary disability, I got ready this morning, and clearly my superpower is on the blink as Ma wasn't already there... but it wasn't long.

Shopping was pretty average... I decided this morning that I'd be "eating out of the freezer" this week, so my needs were somewhat less than other weeks. And there really wasn't anything particularly stand-out about any of our supermarket session.

We came back here, did all the usual unpacking and then headed out to the city.

Ma mentioned wanting to go to the Flinders Street Market last week, and since they were taking part in the Garage Sale Trail, it seemed like this week would be a good time to take a look. Especially since the only stuff I end up being interested in when we go there is the second hand and vintage stuff.

Turned out to be a mixed bag really... a couple of minutes after we walked in I saw a couple of old what I thought initially were fish tanks, but on closer inspection they were clearly terrariums... and they were $5 each.

One of them looked like it would be the right size to hold my Assassin's Creed Ezio statue... and at $5 even if it wasn't it was too good to pass up.

There wasn't really much else of interest around the place... I was half tempted by an old pair of binoculars but the surface layer was cracked, and not in an interesting vintage way, just in a "hmmmm, broken" kind of way.

So we took my $5 glass and mirror terrarium and headed more into the heart of the city.

I wanted to check out the Tovi exhibition in Rundle Place... I bought one of her pieces back at the last vinyl toy exhibition at Espionage, and she's done some great food related designs this time around.

Ma ended up buying one of the rainbow gummi designs, and I was torn about the strawberry, but then I saw the ones that were painted like little buns and really wanted one of those... sadly, NFS (that great art show tragedy, Not For Sale).

And that was pretty much it... we got something to drink, wandered around for a bit, and then called it an afternoon and came back here after a quick stop at my supermarket to pick up some bits and pieces, that was that.

Now I just feel the need to batten down the hatches in preparation for the Rolling Stones concert tonight... it seems like it would be pointless to even try and watch a movie or anything, especially anything with music... so I may just try diving into ACIII and see what happens.

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