sighing saturday shopping

i hear ya charlie, i hear ya
Today did not, as they say in the classics, go according to any sort of plan.

Ma was having her hair did this morning so it was up to me to go shopping on my own... which I have no problem with, I planned to just slap on my headphones and do the usual supermarket thing in half the time it normally takes us.

Except when I went downstairs and got in the car and turned the key, nothing happened.

I seriously thought that I'd moved on from that since my car is no longer sitting out in the open, but I haven't driven it for.... I dunno, possibly a month. So of course, flat battery.


I could have gone through all the rigmarole of calling the RAA and getting them to start the car, then taking it down to the mechanic and getting him to charge the battery or replace it or whatever. But I figured I'd wait until Ma came down, get her to jump start my car from hers and go from there.

So after giving her a call I was slightly freaked out by the fact that my iPhone decided to tell me how many minutes it would take to drive to Sefton Plaza, where the supermarket is... I mean that would make sense if I had any reference to the supermarket in my phone, but all I had was a reminder to buy garlic... yet my iPhone knew where I should be headed on a Saturday morning.

Essentially my iPhone is stalking me.

To fill in the time until Ma arrived I sat down and played some Assassin's Creed, because, reasons.

When she arrived I got her to pull her car into the spot next to mine, expecting that everything would be all good. Except the jumper cables I have aren't long enough to reach from her car to my car. So fuck it... I gave up and was going to deal with it tomorrow. However on more reflection I might just wait until next weekend, make a proper appointment at the garage and go from there.

All of that, combined with the fact that going to the supermarket an hour and a half later than usual is a recipe for frustration given that it's a whole different set of people clogging up the store.

Like for example the guy in tracksuit pants ordering about a kilo and a half of bacon, a kilo of chicken and god knows what else at the deli counter... seriously, unless you're hosting a footy club BBQ or feeding army cadets, you're just being a dick. And even then...

And I also wasn't really in the mood to take a look at anything in Target, so we mostly just did the wander around and then headed back to my place.

Truth be told once we got back here that was kind of the point at which I half gave up on today being overly useful.

We didn't have any actual plans for the day, other than heading out to That Dapper Market at 3pm, but I'd had half of a plan to head out down to Toy Corner to pick up some Lego plates for the base of the Minifig case I bought from The Interwebnets.

And since we were going to be in the neighbourhood I suggested we head over to Tea Tree Plaza since it's not somewhere we go that often.

Fast forwarding a bunch of the day... Toy Corner, mostly successful (I got the plates, just not as many as I wanted for both cases), and then we scared ourselves by wandering around the Factory of Endless Crapulence that is Neds. Tea Tree Plaza... m'eh. I found a box of five Assassin's Creed books in amongst Father's Day junk at Big W, so Ma snagged it off me to put away for Christmas.

The books themselves may very well be crap, but they worked out reasonably cheaply as a set.

Beyond that we just wandered around with little to no success. Which tends to happen when you don't really have any plan.

Once we were finished with the wandering, we headed back to my place via the North Adelaide Village and the headed off to That Dapper Market.

And even if I hadn't had a somewhat frustrating day I think I would still officially be done with Dapper Market... or as it should more accurately be called That Hipster Vegan Bollocks Market. Maybe the first time we went we were just already in the Market mood... and everything was shiny and new and interesting. But this time it was just a world of m'eh or blah or some other word that displays a general sense of being uninterested and over it.

On the up side the Gozleme stall was there so we had some tasty late lunch/early dinner... and got some yummy cookies and brownies from a couple of the baked good stalls.

But otherwise, just no.

Which was really the general watchword for the whole day really. Just no.

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