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Last week Ma mentioned that she thought we needed to start thinking about Sydney... to which my reply was that I never stop thinking about Sydney (although I'd rather save my money rather than take a trip, at least this year).

But never more so than currently while Mythbuster Adam Savage is in the country for his and Jamie's Behind The Myths Tour (which Ma and I head off to next Wednesday)... he's currently in Sydney and blogging his travels for the Tested website.

His post about the Sydney ferries made me happy, but then yesterday's post about Newtown made me all of the happy, especially given that Adam and his family literally trod some of the same ground that Ma and I did back in March (although I'm a little annoyed that we didn't discover the cemetery last time).

This week has been something of a vicious cycle... my hip (as a result of my back) were hurting, which made me irritable, which tensed up my back and especially my shoulders, which hurt... which... well, you get the idea. It didn't help that there was any number of tasks, people, situations, etc that were getting on my nerves. Which again, I'm pretty sure is part of the cycle thing...

Earlier this week I was talking to one of the girls at work about the Good Game Top 100 and I was telling her about Assassin's Creed Brotherhood given that she'd just bought the first two AC games... which in turn made me go looking for ex-rental copies, and managing to snag both of them for $23.

Granted playing vast amounts of AC doesn't really gel terribly well with trying not to sit for long periods, plus the fact that I have no fucking idea where my PS3 controller charging cord is (there aren't that many places it could be... I just don't know what any of them are)... but we'll see what happens.

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