pantastic saturday shopping

gotta get me a frypan
Today was pretty much about two things... a frypan and finally going back to the movies after skipping many a week... over a month in fact... due to me tweaking my back.

I got off to a bit of a slow start this morning, but once again managed to drag myself downstairs just as Ma was arriving.

The supermarket wanderings were fairly ho-hum... I'm living out of my freezer for lunches this coming week, so I didn't have a trolley full of ingredients for that. Next week will be different, as I'm intending to make lasagne... although I've never actually made a successful one... actually I've only ever attempted it once. So we'll see how that goes.

I decided to have a look in Target for some new shirts for work... some of the ones that I have are up to and exceeding ten years old (two of them at least), so it's time for some new additions.

I also managed to get the last of the Chima Legend Beasts... but Ma snagged it off me and said that it could go away for Christmas... which is fine, I just wanted to make sure that I had it, I didn't need it right now.

After we were done, we headed back here for the unpacking portion of the morning, and then headed over to the North Adelaide Village to drop a whole bunch of my coinage in at the bank, check out the Emma Hack exhibition on in one of the shops and take a look in the bookstore for any of the books I want for Tink's new baby. I did manage to find two, although I only ended up grabbing one of them.

Next up was a trip down to the Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre... my non-stick pan has stopped being especially non-stick, so I was in search of a new one.

I actually ended up with two... a little one I can use for smaller things and a deep one that will be good for stir fries and stuff.

I was also kind of on the lookout for a replacement for one of my knives and some new measuring cups (yes indeed, I do live a rockstar lifestyle)... but nothing caught my attention at the price I wanted to pay.

We then headed down to Arndale, had a brief wander around and then headed off to the movies... and even though it was a two hour movie, plus another half hour on top of that for the ads and trailers, I wasn't in any great discomfort, which is a relief.

And that was it really... not particularly exciting, but a reasonably useful day.

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