photo friday: black and white streets

bondi kissnewtown tribe

doorway maskcrayola wall

cloudy doorgreat gar

robber onesieevil bricks
I am seriously not to be trusted with an internet connection and a credit card... or any kind of bank account or clearly money in general.

Not that I've been overly extravagant, just a little here and a little there... a t-shirt or some new underwear here, a book there, some naked male art somewhere else... you know, the usual... plus I am saving money. But yeah, money and the internet, a dangerous combination.

I do very much enjoy getting parcels in the mail though.

Work was... well, work. Weirdly Thursday turned out to be how I thought Friday was going to feel and Friday was pretty damn quiet, at least for the morning.

I'm not sure there's really a whole lot else of interest to report... I really feel like a lot of this week has managed to slip through my fingers in one way or another... not necessarily in a bad way, just that time has gotten away from me.

So... yeah. It's really been pretty damn average.

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