photo friday: knitted

knitted greenknitted marine

knitted pinkknitted seas

knitted starknitted yellow
Given how cold it's been today I figured a little knitted artwork was more than appropriate.

We haven't visited our old friend the dot point round up in a while, and given that this evening kind of got away from me, let's try that...
  • Josh and I took our "very long conversations" to a whole new level when I swung past his place last Sunday to pick up my Spirited artworks... and left four hours later.
  • I finally heard from Tink on Tuesday, she had the baby on the weekend, another little girl... so there goes my theory about boys for all the pregnant ladies I know.
  • Work has been a little quieter this week, only to get slightly mental today... but on the up side, something I was doing to keep myself occupied for the most part is something I was going to need to do next week anyway.
  • I forgot Random Hotness again this week... I am wondering if it might be time to retire that particular feature, but then I would mostly end up just blogging on Fridays and Saturdays... I dunno, it's something to ponder.
  • This morning on my walk I didn't exactly fall, but I slipped and even though I did an, under the circumstances, elegant slide to the floor rather than a fall, I still scraped my knee all to buggery.
  • People who aren't me generally complain about the temperature of our office. And I won't lie, it's cool enough that I now wear layers in the office, but today was SO cold because of the wind that I was wearing a sweater AND a scarf for the whole day.
  • I'm enjoying flicking between my usual chiro and the other chiro on staff (and for the purposes of clarity, at least to me, I'm going to start referring to them as Tick, my usual chiro, and Tock, the other chiro.. TOC, geddit)... especially since I got some shoulder massage action that rendered me physically speechless.
  • This evening was the opening of Gary Seaman's new show Hiraeth at Tooth and Nail Gallery... and due to a rescheduled chiro appointment I was able to hang around the city and head along. It's definitely a different direction for Gary, and a couple of the pieces had me wishing for a) more available wall space and b) more disposable cash.
  • I did get to hang out with Josh some more and say hi to Gary briefly, but it was also interesting now many other artists I recognised while I was wandering around, not to mention former clients of Josh's.
So not the most epic of weeks, but it definitely ended on a high note.

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