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There really isn't very much news this week...
  • Work today was slightly mental and by 4pm I'd only gotten around to completing all the emails that same in from yesterday afternoon to 9am this morning. It's a slight exaggeration, I did do a bunch of other requests that came in during the day as well, but it was something of a hectic day.
  • At the same time it was the day most like "old times"... back at the dawn of time when it was mostly me, H-San, Sugarmonkey and Rockchick. Not that other people weren't around, but we just had a few moments of connection and, I guess for me anyway, nostalgia.
  • I had a bit of a retail therapy moment after the chiro this afternoon... I walk past a little gift shop every day after work, and every day this week I kept noticing a Jim Shore designed Stitch in the window. So after I left the chiro I went back and bought it... because, reasons.
  • This week was yet another reminder from the universe that if an experience is weird, awkward and vaguely disappointing the first time around, it really isn't going to improve the second time.
  • While the previous point is about something completely different, it also relates to my experience with Peanut Butter Tim Tams... they should have been a no-brainer and right in my wheelhouse as they say... sadly they're just disappointing. And it was the same from the first one to the end of the pack.
  • I also discovered that Shin Tokoyo in the city had Nanoblock Pokemon... so I swung by at the beginning of the week and picked up Bulbasaur... because he's always been my favourite. It was also my first experience building Nanoblocks... and it was an interesting one, not least of all because all the bricks are so damn tiny. It did make me wonder if it would be possible to replicate the model using LEGO, although the dimensions of the bricks are very different.
That's it really... not necessarily an interesting story, but a true one.

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