regularly scheduled saturday shopping

There really isn't all that much to report for today's adventures...

My morning routine was pretty standard... I decided to break in my new Waterbender teeshirt, which pretty much resulted in a blue outfit from head to toe.

Then I literally made it downstairs as Ma was arriving... she pulled up just as I made it out to the street, so that was useful.

Supermarketry was about the same as always... I did fill up on a variety of things in the produce section so that I can attempt to make lasagne to take to work this week. And lasagne with the addition of lots and lots of sneaky vegetables blended into the sauce... well, I say blended, but we'll see how it all comes together tomorrow. As usual I'll be half following the recipe and half making it up as I go along.

We faffed about back at my place for a little while, unpacking groceries and discussing So You Think You Can Dance, as we do, before we headed into the city.

Earlier in the week I had a list of maybe half a dozen things I wanted to do in the city. Know how many I remembered to do while we were in the city? One of them. D'oh.

Granted it's not like a number of them were especially urgent, but still.

We did have a little bit of luck when we parked the car though, firstly we were right in front of the ticket machine, however when I got out to put the money in, not only did the money not seem to want to go into the machine, it also dropped right through and out the other end. But when I went to extract the money I realised there was a bunch of money already sitting in the coin return tray... $6 to be exact, not including the $2 I'd put in. Score! So I got to use $2 in one of the other machines for a ticket and still made $4 profit.

Not really a bad start to the excursion.

The only thing that I remembered I wanted to do was head to Dymocks to see if they had any of the books I've been looking for for Baby Tink... they didn't, however they did have a gorgeous book called Otto the Book Bear, which was too gorgeous to pass up.

We had a bit of a poke around some of the other stores (I found an elephant doorstop that was too cute to pass up and works a whole hell of a lot better keeping the bathroom door closed than the awful curly wedge thing I previously had. And because all elephants need a name, I found the name Horace appear in my brain... and the only reason I'm writing it down is that this is probably the only time I'll even remember he has a name, let along what it is.

burger theory chips and gravy burger with cajun fries and chocolate shakeburger theory frozen vanilla custard
After we finished poking around the shops (including a slightly accidental trip to Haighs... it wasn't planned but we were in the neighbourhood) we headed down Rundle Street to check out the Burger of the Month at Burger Theory.

We tried the new "Call Me Gravy" burger, which is chips, gravy, cayenne pepper sauce and double cheese. But it's not your regular gravy, this is American "biscuits and gravy" style gravy... which makes me really want to try biscuits and gravy now... because that stuff is DAMN TASTY!

And the Cajun fries are just the perfect amount of spiciness. Mmmmmm.

But seriously, can we talk about frozen custard for a moment. OH! MY! GODDESS! It's like the smoothest smooth ice-cream I've ever eaten... if that ultra smooth ice-cream was put through an additional smoothing process. Yeah, suffice to say, it's a new obsession and I can't wait for Fringe time next year when I can just casually pop in to Burger Theory on the way to or from a Fringe show and get a cup of frozen custard to take on my merry way.

Of course now I need to work my way through all the options for frozen custard "concrete"... I don't remember all the options on the list, but just the idea of vanilla frozen custard mixed with apple crumble has me drooling a tiny bit.

And even though I shared both the fries and the frozen custard with Ma, I was still very, very full... happy certainly, but full.

So much so that after Ma left I lay down and had a little nap.

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