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This week has been a much better week. Technically it shouldn't have been, since I've done a lot of sitting while playing a whole bunch of Assassin's Creed II, but somehow the thing that I shouldn't do that much of hasn't punished me all that much.

Had I known then what I know how, I would have gone out and bought Assassin's Creed II before I played Brotherhood... especially give that II has all of the "how to do everything" training, and Brotherhood has none. I went back and watched the original Good Game reviews, and they described Brotherhood as feeling like DLC for II, which makes perfect sense... huge, complicated DLC, but still like an additional part of the game. And I definitely think that Brotherhood is much more difficult game overall.

Of course now I'm looking for AC: Revelations and AC III...

But circling around to the fact that this has been a better week... not being in pain meant that I was able to suffer fools a little more than usual. Or else there were less fools... or possibly being aware of what was causing me to be grumpy stopped me from being quite so grumpy, I don't know.

I do know that I need to get my shit together as far as getting to bed earlier is concerned, because then I sleep through my first alarm and end up getting to work late.

Given how much fun we had at the Mythbusters show on Wednesday, I was literally shattered to learn today that the Build Team of Tory, Grant and Kari are leaving the show (which sounds so much better than just saying they've been fired). In a lot of ways I really, really don't get it... the Build Team allowed for Adam and Jamie not to have to carry the entire show and let them cover more myths in a shorter time frame. I also just assumed that they would stay on the show until Adam and Jamie were at the point they wanted to retire and then the trio would step up and take over.

There's been no real discussion of the whys and wherefores... parts of what the trio have said almost sound like they have another project to go to (or projects, I don't know)... and beyond saying that the show was going to refocus on Adam and Jamie, there hasn't been any other forthcoming information. I have a feeling that they're just going to concentrate on maybe one myth per episode and dig into the detail and the building and the minutia instead of glossing over some of that at the expense of two myths per episode.

We'll just have to wait and see what the deal is I guess.

So, yeah, that's really about it for this week...

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