shopping with the blue and yellow

It was a very Swedish kind of day...

No prizes for guessing where we ended up today.

The day started out in the usual fashion... it wasn't as cold as yesterday morning, but it was still freaking cold. So after a very warm shower and rugging up nice and warmly (in pretty much the same outfit that kept me warm through all of yesterday), I headed downstairs to find Ma just getting out of her car.

Shopping was somewhat on the lighter side... partly because I didn't fill up half the trolley with all manner of vegetables... I thought that this week instead of the usual soup or stew I've been making for lunches, I might try my hand at my Tuna Mornay again (the twelfth ever post on this blog, all the way back in 2005... and I just realised that I totally forgot my ninth blogiversary, but at least I blogged on the day in question).

I also picked up a fourth Lego Chima Legend Beast (the crocodile) during a wander around Target... but I just realised that means that the only one I'm now missing is the lion, so I might need to pick that one up just so I have the whole set, especially while Target has their Toy Sale on.

Then after a detour to the North Adelaide Village to pick up my drycleaning and grab some more coin bags from the bank (I swear I have a bunch of them somewhere, I just don't know where they are... mostly likely in the last remaining moving box, but that's a pain to go through), we headed back here for the usual unpacking and whatnot.

Because I got my (very true and also) signed Tyler Oakley "I can't stop watching YouTubers" poster earlier this week, a trip to IKEA was in order to pick up a frame big enough to hold it.

I also realised that I no longer had a dish big enough to hold all of the Tuna Mornay, so that was also on the list, as was a water glass for work. However the additional bathmat, new toilet mat (whatever they're officially called), the suction cup mirror for in the shower and the solar powered lamp with the spherical base were all "impulse" buys.

The lamp will be pretty good if it manages to pick up enough solar power from it's place on my bedside drawers during the day.

Ma was looking for some inspiration on storing her jewellery, but nothing jumped out at her even though there were a bunch of possibilities... we may have to workshop the concept for a while before we get there.

Then on the way back to my place we stopped off at Bunnings to pick up a couple more Command hooks to hang the frame I just bought, and also grabbed a couple of others to hopefully hang a few more pieces.

And that was that really... the poster looks pretty good in the frame, I just need to get around to hanging it on the wall, the lamp seems to be working okay, or at least it did once I actually figured it the hell out (it shouldn't have been that complicated, but remembering to actually pay attention to the instructions helped), although the suction cup mirror seems to be a bit of a lost cause because I can't get the damn thing to stick to the tiles. I'll need to give it another try later, or work out a different way to use the mirror.

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