lego: chima legend beast crocodile

lego chima legend beast crocodile - da boxlego chima legend beast crocodile - cragger and the beast
Well, I was correct, not only am I well on my way to picking up all of the Lego Chima Legend Beasts, but the Crocodile was a unique build.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - inside the box
Unfortunately I put off building the set until the sun was disappearing out of my living room at a rate of knots... so while these photos start out with lovely directional light, it disappears not long into the build.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - cragger and the knolled bricks
I did take some time to knoll out the pieces once again, it definitely makes it easier to put the sets together, but I couldn't see myself doing it on a large set as you'd lose all your build space to the knolling.

I quite like the Cragger minifigure... especially with his moulded crocodile mask/head taken off, and it's definitely one of the more interesting weapons.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - open up and say ahhhhhhhhh
I'd love to see what other uses the Lego community has put the lower jaw tile to, it's fairly specific, and to be honest I kind of expected it to be a sticker, since most of the other sets (this one included) have been heavy on the stickers.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - all aboard the croc train
I couldn't help thinking that this looked like either the world's strangest train or else some sort of post-apocalyptical car and trailer.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - some olive and hunter green sidewall action
The use of the green "claw" pieces as back ridges was a nice touch, as was the curved bricks split across the two parts to make up the croc's body.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - time for the feet
I don't understand the silver claw pieces on the front feet though. I could kind of understand if they were pointed up or outwards, but pointed in like that just seems strange.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - a tail, but still no brain
This is definitely the longest of the Beasts, but the articulation in the tail and the middle of the body make for some more interesting poses. In some ways it's strange that the head doesn't swivel at the neck, but I think you'd get into some trouble with the front feet if it did.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - never smile at a crocodile
The top jaw is the last thing (other than the little handrail section for Cragger to sit behind), and it's the most interesting part of the build as far as I'm concerned. Especially with the white tooth pieces which I haven't encountered before, and the extra large tooth piece just adds an extra something to it.

I was also impressed to see that the jaw is still able to completely close.

As much as I wasn't overly interested in this set initially, I think it comes in just in front of the gorilla, but still behind the eagle and the wolf. And I'm definitely going to have to take a little side trip to Target some time tomorrow and see if I can get my hands on the lion.

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