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My claim to want to go to bed earlier from yesterday didn't really hold a lot of water, so while I wasn't exactly running behind this morning, I didn't have a lot of time for goofing around.

But as always (seemingly), I ended up heading downstairs just as Ma arrived... which is awesome timing wise, but still a little spooky generally.

There was a small hiccup when we got to the supermarket though... and it's well documented that I'm not a massive fan of small random change (or large destructive change for that matter). But the small trolleys I use every week which take two of the carry baskets were nowhere to be seen. They've dicked around with their location before, so I had a look around but there wasn't really anyone around to ask who was free and to be honest there weren't that many staff around. Eventually one of the dudes putting out stock in the fruit and veg department took pity on me since I kept wandering back and forth aimlessly and found somebody to ask.

Turns out they got rid of them somewhere between last weekend and this one. And instead they had some of those stupid "half trolleys" that are still giant trolley sized things, but just really shallow. It honestly felt like pushing some sort of yacht around the store. Initially I thought it might have worked against them because the trolley wasn't as deep... but thinking about it I think we spent slightly more money than usual, although we both bought a few things we don't normally do.

fork on the road - action fountainfork on the road - pastizzi goodness
After we'd done all of the collective supermarket shoppery for the week, I wanted to look in Target and EB Games... both of which turned into slightly expensive trips. Target because I've been half thinking about getting new crockery for a while now... the plates I have at present are all cracked, plus I'm kind of over the whole square shape thing.

And Target just happened to have the Canteen range, which was available as individual pieces... which is good because I only ever need two of everything, not four.

getting my crock on
Also, I have something of a weakness for bowls, and the range had a mini bowl, a cereal bowl, a general bowl and a giant salad bowl... I resisted the giant salad bowl, but I did go a little mental with the other three. Now normally I would have gone with the red ones, but this time I resisted and instead got the "blue"... which honestly is more of a soft robin egg blue... a tiny bit green but not a strong turquoise.

It also turned out that Target was having a sale on crockery, and because I spent over a certain amount I got $10 off, which is always a nice surprise.

fork on the road - papa's menufork on the road - put a ring on it
Then we swung by EB Games where I found Assassin's Creed III and Revelations... plus LA Noire, since I needed a third game to take advantage of the deal that got me all three for half the sticker price.

Plus they just happened to have a Captain Jack figure from the Disney Infinity game... and they're really nice figures... worthy of being displayed even though I don't have the game and don't really have any intention of getting it. And it was cheap.

We ended up spending longer in the store than I'd intended since the two people before me in the line were both doing overly complicated things (and the guy at the head of the line was a little bit of a douche since he was challenging the wording for some promotion they were having. And doubly annoying since he got what he wanted in the end.

All of that added up to the fact that we got back to my place quite late, relatively speaking.

fork on the road - on cheesy streetfork on the road - all the dairy things
By the time we headed back out into the city it was already noon, but for once we weren't heading straight to Fork on the Road, I wanted to head into the Mall and grab the extendible curtain rod I totally forgot about last weekend.

We couldn't find a park close to Victoria Square, but we got a close as we could and then wandered over to the Mall for a quick raid on Spotlight before we headed back, dropped the rod in the car and then wandered over to Fork.

This is the third Fork on the Road that I've now been to in Victoria Square... it's where the first ever Fork was held, and then there was one held on the road between the two halves of the Square... so you could say that this was the first proper Fork in Vic Square.

And there were a large number of old and new trucks in attendance, including one that has now officially become one of my favourites.

fork on the road - chiva las vegasfork on the road - little fried fingers
As is traditional whenever Archie is in attendance, we started off with a couple of pastizzi... pork and mushy pea for Ma, and I tried the green chicken curry one, which was quite tasty.

I didn't really notice until I just looked at the photos in this post, but most of what we ended up was fried in one form or another... not for any particular reason, it just turned out that way.

And it was good given that there's lots of possible spots to sit in Victoria Square, so we could just wander around the trucks and find spots to sit and soak up both the sun and the atmosphere.

Next stop was Papa's Hotdogs for a serve of their onion rings, which really are the best onion rings while we watched the kids frolic in the fountain.

fork on the road - pear sorbetfork on the road - golden balls of yum
From there we went around to try my new favourite, Cheesy Street for a Cheese on Cheese on Cheese toasty and a banana milkshake. The three cheeses were provolone, vintage cheddar and provolone piccante on dark rye bread... and very tasty. As was the milkshake.

Once again we kind of hung out for a while watching toddlers do amusing things after we'd finished eating before we eventually wandered back around to La Chiva to try some of their Tapioca chips... which ended up being pretty much just like big fat potato chips but with a slightly different texture. Interesting, but not mind blowing.

We finished up with first some Barossa Valley ice-cream... Salty Caramel for Ma and Pear and Verjuice sorbet for me... both of which were really, really nice. And then we revisited the honey puff truck (Honey Ladies, Honey Girls... something like that I think) for some sugary, fried balls of honey soaked dough deliciousness.

It was then a very slow but highly contented walk back to the car.

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