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For some unfathomable reason I was really upbeat and perky when I got to work this morning... I didn't even realise that I was, but I got in the elevator and found myself bouncing a little bit... you know, in that upbeat, excited way.

Not that there was any particular reason for why I would be excited to get to work today... it was a fairly standard, not especially interesting day... other than, you know, being a Friday. And this was after running about ten minutes behind my usual schedule, but still making it to work more or less on time, and a bus driver who was a lunatic.

The general upbeatness kind of continued all day too... not in an overly external kind of way, just in a non-specific positive feeling.

Which is all very weird, and isn't something I'm used to... being randomly perky for no particular reason. Clearly I'm going insane.

Speaking of insane...

I'm not completely sure what it says when you continually injure your hands, but over the past several weeks I have had a myriad of paper cuts, shallow flesh wounds, unidentifiable injuries, nicks and scratches on both of my hands.

Rockchick has some hippy book on her desk at work that supposedly lists the meanings behind certain injuries... but that wasn't particularly helpful (beyond seeming to point out that I'm injuring myself because I haven't been laid in a while).

One of said injuries was obtained moving the massive pile of other people's junk out to the curb on Wednesday afternoon for hard rubbish collection. I muttered most of my way through it, although one of the guys who lives in the building did come and help me move the last little bit. And it did cause other people in the building to move a whole bunch of other crap out to the curb during the evening, so it wasn't completely in vain.

My thanks also go to the random stranger who appeared at some point over the weekend and made off with a bunch of the electrical goods that were piled up in the courtyard because there would have been no possible way I could have moved those.

I went and bought some new headphones at lunch today... the really expensive Apple ones I bought in Sydney died a couple of weeks ago and the standard Apple ones I have are all dying... so I went and bought some of those "over the ear" ones.

I'm also starting to wonder whether I just have really oddly shaped ears... or does everybody else have trouble making headphones not only stay in their ears, but with those over the ear ones where you can bend them to get them to stay in place, am I the only one who can't get them to sit no matter how much bending goes on?

And while I'm on a roll... why is it that no matter how much money you seem to spend on earphones, they come with those stupid little foam covers that just feel cheap?

When I got home I was very, very, very excited to find a parcel in my letterbox all the way from New York, New York (so good they named it twice) with the Kim Smith EP from his Kickstarter campaign... And I got an extra little handwritten thank you message at the bottom of the letter... *squeeeeee*

I haven't listened to it yet... I'll save it for tomorrow when Ma's here. But I'll be adding it to my iTunes before the weekend is out.

Oh, and according to my chiro, for a Friday, my back was really good today. Possibly it has something to do with the fact that I've been standing up at the kitchen counter to eat my dinner every night this week... but also generally that my back does feel better. Not perfect... but improved from the beginning of the week.

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Victor said...

Those 'bud' type headphones won't sit in my ears either.

Martin said...

For some reason they always fall out of my right ear but not usually my left at all.


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