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It's been a very trying day at work today...

We got "upgraded" to Windows 7 and Office 2010 at work this morning, and having to fight with it to get it to do what I wanted it to do (and what the old version of Office used to do perfectly), plus the general busyness of the UI left me with a literal headache by the end of the day.

And this morning as we all tried to set things up and come to grips with the differences there were a steady stream of mutters, curses and general profanity as we went along.

I'm sure I'll get used to it in a while... but it just doesn't seem to be particularly user friendly at this stage.

With the exception of Tuesday, I had lunch from a food truck every day this week... Monday and Friday it was taco taco from La Cantina Co... Wednesday and Thursday I went to see Pearl for some Burger Theory goodness.

Between now and November, Burger Theory is teaming up with six Adelaide artists to produce a series of "Art Burgers", as well as burger inspired art prints.

It took me two tries to get my hands on the first burger, Matt Stuckey's Be Friendly burger... with apple slaw, chipotle mayo, American cheese and bacon. It was totally worth it though... SO! DAMN! TASTY!

I called the mechanic earlier this week to book my car in for a service (and a much needed battery charge) tomorrow...

It was a little spooky actually, because the only thing I said to identify myself was the make and model of the car... but at the end of the call he called me by name... so either he recognised my voice or I'm the only one who takes my particular make and model of car there (possible, but not very likely).

Unfortunately never got around to taking my car out for a run at any point this week... so that could be a complete disaster when I go to start it in the morning.

I'll just have to go out early and try and start the car... so that I still have enough time to call the RAA if I need to.

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