just a little spot of shopping saturday

mmm... coloured sharpies
Since Ma and I are headed out to the the-atre tonight, we kept today's shopping to a minimum.

Ma has headed home for the afternoon and will come back tonight in time to go and get some dinner before the play.

Essentially we did the usual Saturday stuff, albeit in Ma's new car. I kept having moments where half of my brain recognises the new car and another part of my brain keeps looking for the old car.

The seats in the new car are more snug than the old ones though... and perhaps not quite as comfortable at present. But all the good things about the new car make up for it.

After the usual unpackery and Ma wandering down the street for a coffee, we decided to head down to Arndale so Ma could look for some floor mats for the new car.

my iphone is melting... it's melllllllllllting
Now, I have a confession to make... my name is Yani and I have a Sharpie addiction...

So obviously I couldn't go past a pack of coloured Sharpie markers... especially when they came with a free (if slightly cheap looking) pencil case to keep them in.

Mmmmm... coloured Sharpies...

I also got seduced by a new iPhone case at the Optus Store... it's from the same company as all my other cases, but it's slimmer than my current case. It also looks like it's melting, which is weird, but cool.

But that was about it really.

And now I have the afternoon to myself...

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