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This week has been less emotionally volatile than last week... but also busier.

I pretty much brought it on myself though by mentioning out loud the previous week that work was currently kinda slow.

That then led to everything kind of coming to a head all at once, particularly on Tuesday when I had three or four things that have been on the backburner for weeks all suddenly need to be done on the same afternoon.

Even the evenings have been slightly busier than usual... Monday I spent a couple of hours making ham hearts for Banger's birthday morning tea. Tuesday I was recovering from the all-day binge that the morning tea turned into.

Seriously, it was an epic level morning tea... not only did we over-cater it on a mammoth scale (so much so we had to go and get another table for our area because there was too much food to put on the table we already have), but because the food was in our area, there was some serious grazing going on for the whole day. So much so, I didn't leave the office all day and didn't need to buy lunch because I was full to the brim with the leftovers.

It was almost scary to watch how quickly the massive number of ham hearts I made then disappeared... I never did count how many I actually made, but I know that I removed three dozen from the total number and there were still a buttload... and within half an hour there were only five left. And everybody raved about them...

Oh, and last night I had my hair did.

Which mostly involved chatting with Tink for several hours about everything from Spiderman to sex show tours in Thailand to Pearl's Diner... so a pretty average haircut really.

But it was good to finally have my hair back to a workable, short, blonde style... it's been way too long since I last went to see Tink, and I really, really need to start going every month (I promise myself that every time and then something always gets in the way).

Sure, it's not a lot... but it's felt like a busy week.

Add to that my two chiro appointments... one on Monday afternoon and another this afternoon...

My chiro is pleased with my progress, but, honestly, I don't really feel as though I'm making THAT much progress. I still get to around 3pm and have trouble sitting at my desk... I still get home from work and lay down on my bed to check my laptop rather than sitting up in a chair... and I'm still usually getting into bed somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00 to watch a movie on my laptop rather than sitting up all night.

And there are still days where it still hurts quite a bit... yesterday wasn't great, I had to sit through a whole staff meeting when I should have stood up instead, so before I went to see Tink for my haircut, I took a couple of painkillers and I was okay for the rest of the evening.

But, she said to me this afternoon when I brought up my perceived lack of momentum that "the sitting thing is the very, very, very last thing that'll get better". Not really the words I wanted to hear, but at least I know.

It is a little disheartening though... and I wonder if I would currently be in any better position if I'd starting going to see her right after this happened originally... because after two weeks of doing nothing buy lying down, I could sit up for extended periods of time... but then I was also taking painkillers three times a day...

So, yeah... it's a little frustrating, but supposedly it's getting better.

Oh, and the X key on my laptop has decided to only work intermittently... I'm guessing it's from too much cutting and pasting things, because, really, X so isn't a letter you use very often in normal typing.

Part of me wonders if perhaps that means it's time to get a new, shinier laptop with a much, much, much bigger hard drive...

Anyway... it's past 9pm, so I should be lying horizontally...

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