pointless driving saturday

driving around and around and around
Today did not, as they say, go according to plan.

Ma was off getting her hair did this morning, so I was shopping solo. Which was fine... I got myself ready first thing this morning and went to get my car.

I got in the car. I put my key in the ignition. I turned the key.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I tried again. Still nothing. And I realised that the alarm light was still on. But when I pressed the button on my keyring it didn't go off. And when I opened the car door the alarm light went off completely.

So in essence I didn't have enough battery power to even turn off the alarm.

Not good. I know that I haven't driven the car in a while, but I only had the battery replaced around April last year... so it wasn't really the best way to start the day.

I called the RAA, like you do, and had to settle in to wait for the guy to arrive. Fortunately it was only about 20 minutes, and he had the car started in all of about 30 seconds. I think it actually took him longer to get the van into the rear carpark than it did to get my car working again.

Unfortunately because the battery was so very, very, very, very flat, it meant that I had to drive the car around for an hour. And it isn't like I could go somewhere and run errands or anything... I just had to drive. So I ended up doing a big loop around heading north, then west, then south, then back north again... then a brief instance of heading east then south then east before I eventually looped around and found myself at the supermarket.

But even with an hour of loop-di-loop plus doing my shopping, plus a stop off at the Honey Man, and I still made it back to my place before Ma made it down to my place.

So not the worst Saturday of my life... but not exactly how I wanted to spend the morning.

Once again we didn't really have any plans... although Ma wanted to poke around for a new iPhone cover... so we headed into town for a little bit only to discover that all the cases on offer around town are either singularly uninteresting or else not the kind Ma was after... so we'll have to find her one online somewhere.

I think I'll have to make a point of driving the car a few times this week after work, just to keep it charging up... although the RAA man did say that it needed a good long charging session, so I might have to book it in with the Mechanic Man and get them to give it a good jolt... plus it's overdue for a service.

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