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Even though today was one of those Saturday's where we didn't have anything planned, we still managed to fill up the day.

Most of the morning passed with the usual routine... the only difference being a quick trip to Target for some new jeans. I'm more than a little annoyed about the lack of choice in jeans in my size though...

Anyway, after that we came back here, picked up one of my honey jars and headed back out to see The Honey Man... and there really isn't anything like fresh, warmed honey spread on bread products... mmmm.

Ma wanted to do some shopping for a birthday present for Miss Oh Livia... so that pretty much consumed a chunk of our afternoon... mostly it involved looking in all the shops full of little pretty things, so it wasn't terribly taxing, even if Ma really had no idea what the hell she actually wanted to buy.

So all in all, it wasn't an overly exciting day, even if we managed to keep ourselves occupied.

I also managed to get through most of the day without sitting down all that much (if you don't count the car, and a brief rest stop for something to eat before we left the city)...

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