dull little shopping saturday

reese's puffs and voss water
We're very much in that "duldrums" part of the year when it comes to shopping...

There's nothing we really want or need to go shopping for... I don't buy DVDs in the same way that I used to (which is good, because I have no more room for them)... and the proper start of Christmas shopping isn't for another three months.

So, yeah... we do what we do... fill in some time... that kinda thing.

This shopping trip also marks the very last time I'll ride in Ma's little purpley silver car... the new one arrives this week, so next weekend we'll be zipping around in the spanky new little red car.

All in all, the day was pretty standard... the usual routine first thing in the morning (although I really didn't buy very much of anything at the supermarket given that I didn't really use that much of the stuff I bought last week)... followed by a largely unproductive wander around Target.

Then we came back and for the second week running Ma toddled down the road to get a coffee from the place on the corner while I unpacked my stuff and read the paper.

After that we indulged in a little bit of our least favourite game, "What Are We Going To Do Now?", before Ma decided that she wanted to go into the city... again.

But a crappy destination is better than no destination... so off we went.

We parked in the place we always used to park, but the Parking Gods were being mercurial... we got a park really easily (in fact, for a second there I thought Ma was going to run into the car coming out of said carpark), but then the ticket machine that was right next to the parking space wouldn't accept any money. Little orange blinky light, and access denied... so I go to the one across the road (and is there an etiquette for that... if you get a ticket from some other machine, either across the road or around the corner, is it still okay?)... put my money in... money falls right through the machine and into the coin return slot. WHAT THE HELL! Is there some rule that if you try two ticket machines and can't get a ticket, you can park for free? If not then there should be.

Eventually we got a ticket from a machine further up the hill, but that's not really the point.

Ma had a few places she wanted to hit (Hairhouse Whorehouse, Priceline, Haighs), so we did all of those, then decided to go a-wandering in the David Jones Food Hall (which I must admit, we don't usually do).

Which was a good choice... I found some ridiculously overpriced (and likely oversugared) Reese's Puff cereal and a big cylindrical bottle of Voss Water (that'd be them in the image at the top of the post). Do I need a big cylindrical bottle of water? No, not really... but it's so purdy.

Then we stopped off for a beverage and some macarons before calling it a day.

And it was only just noon.

So not the most exciting shopping adventure, but it was at least something a little bit different this time.

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