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lego easter bunny fishy crisps for good friday lunch
Ahhh... the Zombie Jesus Weekend... it's good to have some time off again.

Although, really... the first four months of the year really are full of public holidays.

Today has been pretty restful... I slept in, tidied up a bit, had a shower, made a Lego Easter Bunny, played around online and then it was time to make the Fishy Crisps for lunch.

I actually think these are possibly the best ones I've ever made. There was only one that opened up... well, two if you count one of the two banana & honey parcels I made with the leftover pastry.

Then I watched a DVD and played on my PS3 for a bit. And dinner tonight is more of the Fishy Crisps with some salad... so that's sorted.

If today was restful, yesterday was unexpectedly upbeat and a little bit hyper.

Just before I got to work yesterday I was suddenly struck by an incredibly good mood... which I know sounds weird, but that's pretty much what it was... a sudden realisation of a good mood. Whether it was the realisation of the four day holiday (even though I don't get paid for it), or whether it was the particular song that I was listening to on my iPhone, I don't know.

But it stuck around all day, which was a bonus.

Of course that could have something to do with the obscene amount of sugar I consumed throughout the day. Like properly obscene. And all to celebrate two of our team's April birthdays.

We started off with giant Italian doughnuts coated in sugar... so tasty and not especially greasy, which is always good. Then after our staff meeting later in the day, we had teeny tiny cupcakes and some generic doughnuts and some other little goodies that, surprisingly, Banger made.

And then, even though I really wasn't especially hungry for more sugar, I did end up eating an Easter egg later in the afternoon.

So, by the end of the day, as you can well imagine, I was pretty much bouncing all the walls.


Then after work, I came home, went and dropped my pants off at the dry cleaners and got a giant bag of groceries from the supermarket... and while I was in the fruit and veg shop (which is directly across from the dry cleaners), the little woman who usually has my ticket ready for me on a Thursday afternoon came over to give me an Easter egg.

Hehehe... so sweet of them... but then I am an incredibly regular customer.

After I dropped my groceries off at home, I went back into the city and went to the Limited Edition print show opening at Espionage Gallery.

It's always good to get in to things like that early... I learned my lesson after the 100Bucks show last year... so I was there about fifteen minutes before the official opening.

And I think it only took me about five or so minutes to decide on buying four of the prints... basically, the first edition of each of the limited runs by Gary Seaman, Jake Two, Peter Fong and Kate Kowald.

I will admit that I possibly may have gotten a little carried away... since I walked out of the gallery with an empty wallet after paying the deposit. Remembering of course that yesterday was payday... and I not exactly sure what I still owe on them all... it was all a bit of a blur. A good blur... but, you know.

Oh, and I found out that not only is it the Adelaide Kite Festival this week, but also Nathan Sawaya's The Art of the Brick exhibition of Lego sculptures opens on Easter Monday and runs until June.

So we'll definitely be going to that one sometime after I get back from Sydney.

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