shopping and the art of the brick

waiting for a friendall the world's a lego brick
Today can most easily be summed up in nine words... "partially successful shopping and a buttload of Lego bricks"...

The day started in the usual manner...

Well, except for a trip to Target to find some new pants for work... my current ones are kinda falling apart. And while they didn't have the flat front, cross pocket pants I would prefer, I got a pair exactly the same as the ones I already have, which is good.

I also tried a really nice blue shirt on... but it was a size too small and they didn't have anything between "too small" and "circus tent".  Oddly though it was kinda too small through the biceps/shoulders... I mean, I know I've been working my arms/shoulders at the gym... but I didn't think I was getting "won't fit in clothes" kinda progress.

I'm just going to chalk it up to the shirt being too small generally...

yellow brick manred brick couple

red brick faceyellow brick skull
After we'd done all the necessary shopping stuff, I wanted to swing by Big W to try and track down a new Bonds hoodie, given my "best" hoodie is now living in Sydney somewhere... hopefully with a nice owner...

Where was I... oh yeah... Big W... unfortunately Bonds usually only do a couple of designs for hoodies a year... sometimes one from the previous year and a couple of new ones... but sadly they're all a bit blah.  Well, either blah or exactly the same as ones I already have.

So no new hoodie for Yani this year... *sad face*

someone needs to give him a handlegoroo
By the time we were finished with all that, we headed off to the Showgrounds for The Art of the Brick by extraordinary "brick artist" Nathan Sawaya.

Now, I'll be honest... although it was all very impressive, I kind of expected there to be more of it somehow.

It didn't really take all that long to see everything... and even after we'd looked at pretty much everything from almost every possible angle and I'd photographed some of it to within an inch of it's life, we hadn't really been there all that long.

my favourite piecemy favourite piece

blue swimmerblue swimmer
These are probably my two favourite pieces in the whole exhibition though... particularly the red one. I totally forgot to look at the names for most of the pieces... so I have no idea what it's called, but it's completely gorgeous.  And from pretty much every angle.

I'm not going to lie... part of the appeal of the blue swimmer is the perky Lego buttocks... but it's just really cleverly done... half the figure "submerged" in the stand and the loose bricks as the water.

one red brickonly two bricks of the same colour touch each other anywhere in this piece
The peace sign is made out of bricks donated to Nathan by fans... and there's only one spot in the whole thing where two bricks of the same colour touch... it took me forever, but I finally found it, and it's in the photo...

Once we were done with massive amounts of Lego we made a brief stop at Kmart to check out their selection of Bonds clothing.  Turns out that since Kmart turned into the land of cheap and nasty products, they no longer stock Bonds.

We then decided to take advantage of one of the Entertainment Book coupons I got from someone at work and have lunch at Jones the Grocer in Hyde Park.

Well, I say lunch... but their breakfast menu runs until 2pm, so I ended up having breakfast at 1pm.

Not the best I've ever had, but not bad... good bacon, and their balsamic mushrooms are pretty tasty.

little traveller visits the lego parthenonlego t rex
And yes... Little Traveller did come with me to The Art of the Brick... although I didn't really get that many decent photos of him... I think I need to do some proper practice with him...

But that was pretty much our Saturday...

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