building the lego sydney opera house

"You never get tired, you will never be finished with it - when you pass around it or see it against the sky... something new goes on all the time... together with the sun, the light and the clouds, it makes a living thing."
- Jorn Utzon, Architect, Sydney Opera House
When Lego's Architecture series meets one of my favourite buildings, I had to get my hands on it. And even better that I was able to buy it from the shop in the building in question.

It's been a long while since I had a new Lego set... so long in fact that about half of the bricks in this set didn't even exist yet.

I do like the Lego Architecture series boxes... simple, but classy.

lego sydney opera house - the boxThe bricks came divided into three bags, with some large loose plates as well as the 83 page book that's mostly instructions, but also contains the history of the Opera House.

lego sydney opera house - inside the boxThe baseplate, complete with specially printed name tile.

lego sydney opera house - the baseplateThe two swivel plates are the key to getting the two halves of the Opera House to angle in properly.

lego sydney opera house - lower levelThe single sloping pieces make the stairs... and Guillaume at Bennelong starts to take shape on the right.

lego opera house - the stairsAnd the tiles make up the plaza... the colour is pretty spot on too.

lego sydney opera house - the plazaThen the Opera Theatre (sans sails) takes shape at the back.

lego sydney opera house - the opera theatreFollowed by the Concert Hall (also sans sails) at the front.

lego sydney opera house - the concert hallThe last step is to add the big white sails.

lego sydney opera house - the completed buildSo there it is... my completed Lego Sydney Opera House!

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