photo friday: duck wag pie gull

duck duck splash
A weird week... or possibly two very short weird weeks with a mini weekend in the middle depending on your particular point of view.

And for the record, the photos have nothing to do with the post... I just realised I had four photos of birds that were all landscape orientation, so decided to lump them all in together.

The early part of the week was fairly boring... having a mini weekend on Wednesday for Anzac Day was nice, even if all I did was sit around and watch movies all day... although it did kind of throw me off a little... I much prefer public holidays at the beginning or end of the week rather than the middle.

One thing I did do on Wednesday was make soup... soup which was about 50% Pink's soup and 50% made up as I went along... plus it had chicken in it. And risotto rice (it was meant to be brown rice but I didn't have any left). Turns out the risotto rice makes it creamier than just plain soup, which is quite nice.

Plus I always make 500 tons of soup and there's only me to eat it, so it lasts for days and days.

garden wagtail
I visited the newly repainted (well, half repainted) Pearl the Burger Theory Truck for lunch today... woohoo!

And then I bought Greek doughnuts from Tum Tum the Halloumi Van. Little balls of grease and sugar... actually, not that little. I only ate two of them and gave the other two to Sugarmonkey and Rockchick.

In fact, if The Little Van That Could had been in Victoria Square, I would have gotten a meal and drink and a dessert from three different food trucks. And later I bought some popcorn from Jonny's Kettle Corn truck (which I left at work for daytime snackage).

So very much "Lunch On The Hoof" today.

I bought a Lego "airport traveller" set from eBay (yes, for Little Traveller... lame, but it's nice he has some accessories) and it arrived this week... complete with luggage, a camera (which I added a telephoto lens to with the aid of a little round brick I already had) and a little luggage trolley... as well as a minifigure with some of the worst hair I've ever encountered.

But it did make me think, how much of a Lego minifigure can you replace before the figure is no longer the same figure anymore?

And weirdly, I think it comes down to the face and the hair... which are only about a fifth of the figure's height... but clothes are easy to change, the personality really is in the face/head.

Although at some stage maybe the whole of Little Traveller will get a makeover...

riding the wind
I also dropped by (or marched completely out of my way to get to... either or) Paper String Plastic to pick up my photos. I've been meaning to do it for ages... but with one thing and another never got around to it. I didn't really have much time to chat and there were another couple of people in the gallery at the time, but I did find out they'll be moving in July and not being so much of a gallery per say... which is interesting.

Although my heart kind of belongs to Espionage Gallery now... I'm so fickle.

I really have no idea what the hell I'm going to do with all the photos though... I gave the guy who runs Paper String Plastic the one that he kept mentioning as his favourite though.

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