photo friday: stormy sails

stormy sailsI'm going to be right there in the Sydney Opera House around about this time tomorrow night... it really is a flying visit though... it works out at essentially five minutes short of 24 hours for the whole time I'm in Sydney...

I still need to pack my one, carry-on bag, but everything else is done... including the majority of my pre-travel freakout (which only really lasted for about an hour earlier today... although I reserve the right to revisit it later this evening and/or tomorrow morning).

I've stayed away from the gym all week... I did something weird to my knee (whether it was walking/standing around on the jetty last Saturday, or just overexerting it at the gym the week before), and I didn't want to exacerbate the problem, so for most of the week I've had it strapped up with one of those stretchy bandage things (which never stay in place on my knee, no matter what I do). It's less problematic now, although cornering is still the main problem.

Stupid poxy joints...

Last night I got my pre-travel haircut... which should have been Tuesday, but actually worked out better because it was Thursday... not only because it's closer to the actual leaving date but also because my head had a chance to recover from the sunburn I got on Saturday.

But before my haircut I went into the city after work to attend the opening of Cameron Brideoake's Mythmaker show at Espionage Gallery (yes, I know, two gallery openings in two weeks... very uncharacteristic of me).

And now I have a brand new art/artist obsession.

Cameron's work is just gorgeous! And I wanted a lot of it... never mind that I have no room for the art I already own... I fell in love with a number of Cameron's pieces. In the end I bought two... which I pick up on Tuesday *squeeeee*!

Now I'm going to have to stay away from art until Gary Seaman's show in May... because that's going to be another one where I want to buy ALL OF THE THINGS!

And then I came back home, had a quick shower and headed off to get my haircut.

I do like this whole thing Tink and I have going now where I go to her place for my haircuts... firstly it's cheaper and while it's sometimes slightly less convenient (or at least, I feel slightly weirder about arranging a haircut directly with her than just calling up the salon to make a time... which is stupid, but there you go), the fact that it's just the two of us and there's no interruptions is really nice.

But it's a good job I trust her to cut my hair the way I want it (which at the moment is just the "same as before"), because I honestly did not pay the least little bit of attention to what she was doing last night... instead we gas-bagged about Zac Efron, One Direction, Sydney and the Fringe...

And somewhere in all of that two and a half hours disappeared.

So that's pretty much all I did after work yesterday... buy art and get my hair did.

It's been a pretty good week overall really... a day off on Monday, Burger Theory for lunch of Tuesday (plus I finally introduced myself as my "online persona" to the boys).

Today was much, much less exciting.

But I think that balances out considering how exciting tomorrow is going to be!

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