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Easter Monday is always a bit of a nothing day really... but sometimes nothing is good.

And this is about the point at which I start freaking out about travel arrangements for next Saturday. I still don't know how I'm getting from the airport to the hotel... how hard is it to get the train from Sydney Airport to the CBD?

At least I know what I'm doing when it comes to luggage...

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Victor said...

The train station at Sydney's domestic terminals is between the two terminal buildings underneath the multi-storey car park. It is not difficult to reach but involves a lot of walking and several layers of escalators.

There is also a surcharge on the cost of the train ticket for using the airport station which is managed by a private company.

yani said...

Thanks Victor... I actually Googled that today at work, well, except for the "lots of walking/several escalators" bit. I think that's probably a go-er... the walking I'm not so thrilled about right at the moment, but everything else seems about right. Plus it's cheaper than a taxi.


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