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mirror marker - cockatoo island cliff top bather - bondi
westfield tower
It's just over ten days before I'm doing the quickest interstate trip yet... twenty six and a half hours... but it's Sydney... so it's totally worth it.

Oddly, I'm finding this "be less wrathful" thing far too easy... I mean, I notice the times that I would have been really irritated about something, but for some reason I'm just not feeling it the same way any more.

I haven't "tutted" at anybody in public for well over a week, which has to be something of a record I think.

I am highly grumpy about my progress or lack of same at the gym. Yes, I'm not cutting crap out of my diet completely, but I don't really want to live like that anyway... healthy, yes... complete denial of things I enjoy, no.

But that's not even it... it's more that every time I try and push myself or ramp things up or whatever, I can feel my knees threatening to "go out" on me. And it's not even at the time, it's at strange, random times throughout the day. For example, of late I've been setting the treadmill at a higher incline... and now suddenly my left knee is tweaking every now and again.

What! The! Actual! Fuck!

Or is this my body telling me to just throw in the towel and eat cake?

I FINALLY got the parcel of Lego minifigs from Hong Kong yesterday after it had to be sent a second time because I just hadn't received it. But because of the way that eBay split up the order originally, one of them was missing. By that stage though I think both the seller and I were pretty much over it, and I messaged him to say he could either resend or refund, he chose to refund. Which I really don't blame him for.

And then I went and lost the spare pair of Lego handcuffs that came with the motorcycle cop figure... I know they were on my bed, but then I forgot about them, and now I can't find them. I'm guessing they stayed on the bed all evening and then got flicked off either when I went to bed or when I got up in the morning.

You know how I was complaining about how dark it was in the morning on Saturday... well now that Daylight Savings is finished, I'd like to complain about the fact that it's 6:30 and the sun is pretty much down. This wouldn't happen if they finished Daylight Savings when it should be finished towards the beginning of March.

Sure, you lose a little time in the evenings, but its a gradual thing... whereas now the sun seems to start going down at about 6pm... and I don't like it so much, it really feels wrong.

Have I mentioned that a) I hate mosquitos and that b) my apartment seems to be being invaded by hordes of them at present and c) that even when it isn't I still get that itchy feeling that makes me think that something is crawling on my/in my hair even when it isn't.

I've decided I'm going to give Ma the Circa tickets for Easter, along with the Haighs egg I got her. And then the Rock The Ballet and Kim David Smith tickets will be for her birthday...

Now all I have to do is somehow get her to look through the Adelaide Cabaret Festival program without her seeing the Smith show... tricky, but not impossible... I'm possibly going to just remove the page entirely since there isn't anything on the other side we'd want to see.

You know how when you have a mad crush on someone who's possibly a little bit clueless (both generally, but also specifically that you have a crush on them, which is okay because they're straight and it would just make it awkward, especially because you see them all the time)... and you flirt ALL THE TIME without even knowing that that's what you're doing... and everything they do is sweet and at the same time has a slight sexual tone even when it really doesn't...

Yeah, that... this guy... for some time now.

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