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So, the day I've been dreading has finally arrived... Blogger has changed over to it's dumbass, stripped down, completely user-unhelpful version and I loathe the fucking thing with the fire of a billion suns.

Hate, hate, hate, hate hate.

It looks dumb, it behaves dumbly, they've bundled it with a bunch of crap to make it more "Tumblr" like... which is clearly insane... and it's much more difficult to deal with images in.


But this isn't a post about that (I may blog about that later... or I may just fume about it silently for several weeks... either option is good)... this is today's shopping adventures.

Although given that my body is still misbehaving, it was a slightly lighter version of shopping than we may otherwise have done.

But again, it really gets filed under "did what we needed and nothing more".

This morning was the usual routine of tidy, shower, shop and unpack...

Because I really didn't end up eating very much from a dinner perspective last week, I really didn't need that much shopping-wise this week... so my total haul didn't end up being particularly big... but I think I did more of a "big shop" last week anyway.

Then we headed into town...

You know how sometimes nice things just happen randomly... well today had one of those. We'd just missed out on a carpark that was close to where we were headed, but there was another one further down the road... and as we were locating change so that I could go to the ticket machine (actually, just as I stepped out of the car), this woman appeared from seemingly nowhere and offered me her ticket saying that they hadn't used very much of it and that we could have it.

And it still had about three hours on it... sure, the price of a carpark isn't that expensive on a Saturday, but it was the thought that counts... and the fact that I think she came across from the other side of the road to give us the ticket. Very sweet.

Then the universe taunted me by having an entire football team walk up the opposite side of Rundle Street from us... seriously... in their little football outfits and everything. Granted I think they were collectively more attractive than the sum of their individual faces... but if push comes to shove, you could just pull the football jersey (it's a jersey, right?) up over their head and leave it there...

Anyway, we stopped in at Smiggle... then Ma finally made a decision about getting a bag from Crumpler so we called in there. I'm a little bit jealous actually... it's like a mini version of the messenger bag I have, but it's white and it looks really good.

But at least she finally made a decision... and, like mine, it's a bag that it potentially never, ever, ever going to wear out... so that's one less bag we're hopefully going to have to go in search over at any point in the future.

Then we wandered through Myer... not for any real purpose... just because. And even though they have my name down in the little book to call as soon as the Lego Series 7 Minifigs come out, I figured we could check anyway since we had some time.

It was actually kind of funny because there was a mini-me at the counter with his parents, looking for a particular one of the Series 6 figures... whether this was the first time he'd seen any of the figures, or whether he didn't quite get the blindbox concept, I'm not sure... but it was amusing to see/hear him and the guy behind the counter going through the bags looking for particular ones. I resisted the urge to offer my assistance, since I think I can pretty much identify every single one of the Series 6 figures by feel now.

But I left them to their own devices and we headed back down the Mall...

Once Espionage Gallery was open we wandered in to see the latest show... it wasn't something that I was overly excited about, so I didn't bother with the opening on Thursday night, but there were some interesting pieces... a couple I could have been interested in buying, but nothing that really screamed out for me to own it right then.

Which is a good thing.

However Ma ended up buying a couple of really nice prints... which were actually very cheap and totally worth it.

That was it really... we headed back to the car and headed back here... made it back just as the rain started, and Ma headed off before it really got going... which is good because it then proceeded to rain for most of the afternoon.

And I spent most of the afternoon watching Season 3 of Penny Arcade, which I've kept putting off, but finally got inspired and added all of the new episodes to Miso and got into the groove of downloading one episode while watching another...

So if you'll excuse me, I still have about twenty episodes still to watch...

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