unconscious mutterings 482

We've had some torrential rain today... it woke me at about 2am... then right before I was about to head out to the gym it started to bucket down, including hail... so I crawled back into bed for ten minutes until it went away.

Then I had to wait out some thankfully brief rain when I left the gym... and I had to clear a couple of storm drains of their leaves so I could make it home again without getting my feet wet. I do love doing that... especially when there's a lot of water backed up and it then goes thundering down the drain.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Soul mate :: Fairy tale
  2. Design :: Part of everything
  3. Line :: Parallel
  4. Jane :: Tarzan
  5. Nice :: Biscuits
  6. Spider :: Scuttle
  7. Gray :: Storm clouds
  8. Ruffles :: Girly
  9. Inspired :: Something I'm not feeling this evening
  10. Fashionable :: Not me
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