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  • I had to work back until 5pm tonight... and I'll be in a meeting until 4:30pm tomorrow... which is a bit of a wrench given that I usually leave at 4... but it nicely balances out the fact that I've not been able to get my shit together in the mornings this week and have been getting to work late.
  • One of the trainer girls at the gym came up and chatted with me this morning (while I was laying on my back between sets of crunches... naturally) because she'd noticed that I hadn't been around as much the last few weeks (I think I wasn't feeling well, then it was Brisbane, then I kept oversleeping)... it was weird, but sweet.
  • I started listening to Only Sparrows, the new Josh Pyke album, this morning... and I worked out that his music can best be described as "hopeful melancholy"... it's beautiful, but it's also always a little sad, even when it's happy.
  • I think I got manipulated in a meeting today... not overtly, but the guy in question was gorgeous, I think he knew he was gorgeous, and he used to work in media... so I think he knows exactly how to get what he wants from people by just being friendly and matey. Don't get me wrong, he didn't come across as fake at all, it was only afterwards that I started thinking that that's probably his unconscious modus operandi.
  • I discovered last night that if I set the program timer on my teevee for certain shows, it will actually switch my teevee on at the correct time too. Handy!
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