saatchi shopping saturday

naked street art shoppingThe first Saturday shopping after a trip is a little bit of a chore...

But this time we actually had some down time between coming home and going shopping, so it wasn't too bad.

Granted, we didn't do a lot beyond the usual Saturday routine, even if there was a little more shopping than usual since we didn't go last week.

Once we were done with the shopping we ummed and ahhed about what to do next.

Obviously we didn't want to do a lot of walking around, so we ended up heading into the city to go to the Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide at the Art Gallery.

We got a perfect car park at the top of the hill, although we then kinda had to pay for it when we got to the Art Gallery as there was only one woman at the front desk and a bunch of people waiting for tickets and it just seemed to take forever.

I was impressed to see though that they're using iPads for their ticketing system... I'm guessing it must be something web based, but impressive anyway. And actually there was a cabinet in one of the galleries showing a stop motion animation piece, and that was displayed on an iPad too.

I was also really impressed with the changes they've made to the gallery as a whole... most of the ugly coloured wall paint is gone and replaced by shades of dark grey (I'd hope they're going to kill off the ugly red paint at some point, but you would have thought they would have done it with everything else.

And there are a bunch of interesting new additions, and a general rearrangement of items, which all works really well. Especially the addition of the modern SALA exhibits in amongst the historical works.

I was a little disappointed that they've moved my favourite statue (the naked guy with the great Art Deco hair and weighty genitals)... but some of my favourite paintings are still around.

saatchi gallery in adelaideBut as for the Saatchi Gallery pieces...

Well, if that's the best of British modern art, or just good modern art in general, I'm afraid you can keep it. Most of it was incredibly wanky "oh if I splash flesh coloured paint on a shower curtain and hang it from the ceiling it means something deep and significant"... and no, it's not deep, it's a shower curtain hanging from the ceiling.

I also don't know that they really needed to spread it all out quite so much... I'm sure it was all on purpose, but one piece in the corner of a room isn't an effective use of space.

There were only a handful of works that I liked... (clockwise from the top right) Toby Ziegler's Leisure, Tessa Farmer's Swarm, Scott King's Pink Cher, Jonathan Wateridge's Jungle Scene With Plane Wreck, and Edward Kay Bon Viveur.

Most of the rest of it was either completely forgettable or completely pointless and not really worth the $20 entry fee.

Even though it was only noon we pretty much decided to call it a day... at least from doing stuff in the city.

Instead we stopped off at Perryman's in North Adelaide, got some lunch and then came back here so I could show Ma all my photos from Brisbane.

And then we booked two of the three flights for our holiday in October/November and the Melbourne hotel room... woohoo... flights from here to Melbourne and Melbourne to Sydney... and a room at Citadines again which is great... and even better that the hotel price was actually cheaper than the discount website we usually book through.

Now all we have to do is wait for the dates for Sculpture By The Sea to be confirmed and we can book the Sydney hotel and the flight home.

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