grey city lines

crowned dark peaks
I really don't know what the hell has been going on with the last couple of days... whether it's just being back from leave, or because other people are off sick, or just some really annoying emails but there's more than a few things that have really been working my last nerve.

Then the internet went down this afternoon... not great...

Actually it started even before work the last two days... I've really wanted to scream at two different groups of women to shut the fuck up at the gym both today and yesterday. Can't you just do what you're there to do and not chatter on pointlessly?

Still annoying but less painfully, I had to call Marshall Batteries to get them to come out after work and replace the battery in my car.

I don't know if the Battery Man was overjoyed though, since he ended up scraping his van on the fence trying to get into the back yard (it's a tight and annoying corner at the best of times).

And tomorrow I have to move my car service from this weekend to next weekend since there's no way I can get the car serviced at the same time as Ma is having her hair done without having to resort to some overly complicated way of getting home.

Hopefully the rest of the week improves...

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