unstructured saturday shopping

audrey hepburn in a supermarket with a deerI don't know what particular set of circumstances led to what appears to be a young Audrey Hepburn being photographed in a supermarket with a fawn... but I do love a retro supermarket photo.

Speaking of which, I was flying solo for the supermarket portion of the morning routine... Ma was off having her hair did... so I popped in my headphones and wandered the aisles.

The down side to picking the pretty check out dude is that often they can't pack a bag to save their lives... this one was really bad, I ended up repacking some of the stuff when I got out to the car.

By the time I got home and started to unpack, Ma wasn't far behind.

After we finished being caught up in an episode of Tabatha's Salon Takeover (it's like Gordon Ramsey but with haircuts and actually kinda good), we headed into the city to do a bit of shopping.

Well... when I say shopping... Ma wanted to look in Diamonds for a camera for Miss O's birthday and to look at internet dongles in Dick Smith... and I needed to get my glasses adjusted.

The only really successful part of that was the glasses adjustment. Nothing like having an efficient homosexual adjust your eyewear.

The interesting thing about going into Diamonds is that you often end up with a completely different recommendation depending on who you talk to... not sure I really like the particular advice we got on this trip... might have to try again another day.

Other than that we mostly just wandered about... which is always a bit crap really.

On the way back to the car I happened to see a poster on one of the empty shopfronts for the version of Macbeth I'm seeing next week... so I snaffled it. And I was only talking about it with the graphic designer at work on Friday (both that particular poster and the legality/illegality of snaffling "illegally" posted posters)...

Anyway... a fairly dull Saturday... but you get that.

Oh, and there are still two free double passes from yesterday's giveaway... I kinda expected them to go faster than that...

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