photo friday: pipes

pipesI say to you, I say "crappy crap crap crap".

Today went in all kinds of weird directions... playing with video in the morning, evacuating the building in the afternoon.

Yeah, evacuating... for two and a half hours... thanks to some dumb chemical spill the whole building was filled with a horrible rotten egg/gas smell so they made us leave (fortunately I headed off to lunch just as they were about to start the evacuation, so I got to take the lift)... and we had to stand around outside the building. If I'd taken my bag downstairs with me then I could have just called it a day... but it was upstairs with my house keys in it, so I had to hang around.

And a bunch of us ended up with headaches, so the few of us that made it back into the building after they finally let us return (I was the first one back on the floor, and it was kind of freaky) only lasted a little while... the place was still a little stinky and my headache wasn't getting any better.

It's still not 100%, but I haven't had any painkillers...

Also, there's pizza possibly burning in the oven...

And finally, why the fuck would you audition for something like The Glee Project if you're not willing to actually be an actor? (No, I haven't been watching it, this was my first and last time)

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